13 Pictures of Kittens – Daily Dose of Cute

This is so one of my most random ideas yet, with the help of the internet. But yet it’s so beautiful. Let us begin, hmm?  Continue reading


Rant: THAT Teacher

Okay, so let’s face it, no matter what in high school, there’s going to be teachers you like, some you don’t and others are meh. But there is always going to be one that you just cannot stand. Or at the very least that’s how it works for me. If that isn’t how it is/was for others then…put bluntly, screw you.  Continue reading

Fanfic: Next Step Forward {GrimmUlqui}

GrimmUlquiAfter his death, Ulquiorra reincarnated into the Soul Society along with several other Espada, including the loud mouth Grimmjow. Now as he adjusts to life in the Seiretei, he also needs to work through his harsh memories of Hueco Mundo and lingering beliefs that are unnecessary now.

He stared down Ichigo, blind to his own body’s pain when suddenly the wings on his back, so natural to him, began to fade to ashes. And Ulquiorra could feel the rest of him fading along with it. He regarded the dust already beginning to fade into the distance with a peculiar look in his eye.
“So, this is how it ends?” His blank green eyes locked onto the human’s in the next instant. “Kill me, Ichigo. You don’t have much time left, I won’t resist you. I don’t even have the strength to walk. If you don’t take this opportunity now, our duel will remain unsettled forever.” He watched the bright-haired human, struggle within himself for several moments. The human stared at him in utter disbelief.
“I can’t do it.” The words shocked Ulquiorra.
“What are you saying?” he inquired coldly.
“I don’t want to, not like this…It’s wrong. This is not the way I want to defeat you!” The human was panting, out of rage or fatigue, Ulquiorra would never know which. He felt his eyes widen in shock as the green faded abruptly from the whites of his eyes. He turned his gaze away.
“To the very end, you just won’t do what I want.”

His focus switched then, to the girl, still clothed in a tattered arrancar uniform, staring at him with forever oddly telling eyes. “And just when I was finally becoming, a little intrigued, with the way you people behaved.” The humans made no sense, but he suddenly found himself aching to know, to understand the girl’s words from before. To understand what pushed her. Why she believed so much in something he couldn’t understand. Unconsciously, Ulquiorra’s hand lifted towards the girl. Mimicking himself from once before.
“So let me ask you again girl. Are you afraid of me?”
“No, I am not afraid.” Something in her eyes shifted, catching the espada’s attention. “Really I’m not.” In that moment, he saw, something deeper than they eye, into what could only beCALLED a soul. That it was true. And this time,
“I understand.”

The tips of her fingers brushed across his, the lightest of touches. Then the feeling was gone and Ulquiorra felt himself fading away. As his hearing and sight of Hueco Mundo and the humans began to wither away. I see now, in the palm of my hand…Is a heart.

Ulquiorra didn’t like sleeping. He hadn’t really as an arrancar. Now it simply gave him a means to remember things from a world he struggled to understand. Already, he was coming to learn about all he could in the Soul Society. He’d come to the conclusion long ago, that his former life in Hueco Mundo, would never truly disappear. He once briefly considered asking Starrk, who had beaten him in returning to the world as a soul with the child, Lilynette, by his side.
He wouldn’t though. It had become quite obvious Starrk was avoiding the past. He’d begun living amongst the shinigami, with them and no longer alone. Ulquiorra frequently spotted him lounging around sleeping with Kyouraku-taichou. The two were fitting to one another apparently. The child was nothing but a child, he refused to ask her.
That left one other person for him to ask, and the answer wouldn’t be easy to attain.

A slap on his back made Ulquiorra tense and a frown cross his pale features. “Will you ever stop brooding?” The gruff voice demanded obnoxiously. “I swear, you’re the quietest fucker around here, but you’re thinking constantly.”
“Maybe if you would be silent for a moment. Except I doubt any thoughts go through your skull.” Ulquiorra replied tersely turning to look at the spiky, blue-haired man beside him. There was a sharp smirk settled on his face.
Grimmjow held a hand to his chest, “You wound me. Yes, I’m an idiot, how will I ever go on. Get a new insult, Ulqui-chan.” Continue reading

Money Saving Tips

Okay so money is a pretty key thing in society these days. No way am I ever going to say it’s the most important thing in my life, nor should it be in yours. There are a lot more things that should be the focus of your life. Money is just a convenience that allows you to do some of the things you dream of. That’s what it is for me at least, nothing more nothing less. And for me, saving it has always been key and I swear somehow ever since I was little I’ve been good at saving. So I’ll share my tips with you guys today.  Continue reading

Review: Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant

messenger-of-fear-michael-grantI remembered my name – Mara. But, standing in that ghostly place, faced with the solemn young man in the black coat with silver skulls for buttons, I could recall nothing else about myself.

And then the games began.

The Messenger sees the darkness in young hearts, and the damage it inflicts upon the world. If they go unpunished, he offers the wicked a game. Win, and they can go free. Lose, and they will live out their greatest fear.

But what does any of this have to do with Mara? She is about to find out . . .

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Summer’s Done, Blogging Fun

I don’t like rhyming as much as I used to, but it’s still amusing every once and awhile.
Anyways, this post correlates with the others and with our post 2 Months and the reflections a few of the others will be doing. The beginning of the talk about all of us making a blog was just that, talk. For me at least that’s what it was. So when it all first started, I was on board. Didn’t really know where it would all go, but I was definitely interested. Continue reading

Back To School ~ Extra-Curricular’s

Let’s get straight to the point. High school, middle school, primary school, hell even college and university; they are going to be the time of your life if you play it right. No, I’m not being some typical high-strung teenage girl singing, high school is the best thing ever. Not always. At all. Schooling of any level can be tough and there are nasty people out there and it can’t be all sunshine and flowers. Go to Emilie for that haha. But it is possible to make it amazing because even if it’s tough, it’s a time we need to appreciate more than anything.  Continue reading

Movie Review: A Gift Horse (2015)

poster_md2.jpg (160×236)A young energetic girl, is torn apart by the loss of her mother to cancer. She struggles to accept the fact that her father has moved on to a new relationship. In order to cope, Amanda spends her time at a ranch owned by a business tycoon, Mr. Canton. Mr. Canton’s own daughter, Abigail, refuses to appreciate all the things that her father has given her and acts out in order to gain attention.

Release Date: 2015, March 15th
Runtime: 83 minutes
Rating: G
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