Movie Review: A Gift Horse (2015)

poster_md2.jpg (160×236)A young energetic girl, is torn apart by the loss of her mother to cancer. She struggles to accept the fact that her father has moved on to a new relationship. In order to cope, Amanda spends her time at a ranch owned by a business tycoon, Mr. Canton. Mr. Canton’s own daughter, Abigail, refuses to appreciate all the things that her father has given her and acts out in order to gain attention.

Release Date: 2015, March 15th
Runtime: 83 minutes
Rating: G
Category: Drama, Nature/Animals, Youth, Family

This was a sweet movie that Emily and I watched randomly. I was scrolling through Netflix and it caught my eye, because hey, animal lover. Couldn’t help myself. So we started. From the very beginning I didn’t like the older daughter Abigail, she was bratty and pretentious and my very first thoughts on her were simple. She better not be the main character and, what I said to Emily, “I hope she dies.” Em reminded me it wasn’t a horror movie, yeah yeah. Whatever. Either way, her character was not an enjoyable one, she was selfish and annoying, but thankfully the main character Amanda leveled that all out.

Amanda is a young, intelligent young girl who lost her mother to cancer and has a great love for horses. In a sense, bonding with them and working on the ranch, owned by Abigail’s father, was how she coped. It was the way she believed what she believed and understood everything around her. Her attitude also managed to be comical at all the right moments. She was enjoyable in both the funny, angst and training moments. A character to quickly become attached to and root for.

The plot was nice and sweet. Moving into the purpose of the story with nice transition and I liked it a lot. The ending of course was happy so that made it all the better. Picture perfect in a sense I suppose. It could have had more detail, more angst to it possibly, but honestly, it was a family movie and was most likely the best the way it was.

The actors were enjoyable. While I’m too lazy at the moment to look up the name, the actress for Amanda was cute, but so smart she portrayed the character of Amanda beautifully and it was truly her that made me fall in love with the movie. And the horses of course. The other actors all fit into their roles just so, none were out of place, the mother to Abigail though was…meh. Not sure what to say about that. She’s barely in it for more than 5-10 minutes though.


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