Rant: THAT Teacher

Okay, so let’s face it, no matter what in high school, there’s going to be teachers you like, some you don’t and others are meh. But there is always going to be one that you just cannot stand. Or at the very least that’s how it works for me. If that isn’t how it is/was for others then…put bluntly, screw you. 

Those people need to appreciate that more. Either way this year I have a tough course ahead of me, but I was all prepped for it. Knew the majority of the teachers I would have and already loved them. Great, smart and trust me when I say my class is themselves with them. Maybe a little too much sometimes, but oh well.
There was only one class where the teacher was an uncertainty and of course, that’s where it all went wrong. Actually not just wrong. It went downhill, on Mt Everest, on a tricycle, with zombies following and the apocalypse going on around you. (Don’t bother me about being dramatic, this is a rant for a reason)

So the teacher is for chemistry and there are so many things I can say. He’s frustrating put simply. I’m in a program where I’m pretty much with the same people all day, we’re pretty close ’cause of that and it’s a university grade high school course. We’re all decently smart. I am about to have a test and not a single one of us has any idea what it’s on.
We don’t understand the concepts, the equations and the big rants (no irony intended) that he goes into. Then when we ask questions, he doesn’t know the answer, he avoids it. Goes on rambling for five minutes without ever answering a yes or no question. One day I asked about something and had to re-word it. Then three other classmates proceeded to re-word it to try and get an answer. One of them was Michelle, she did so three times and to this day, I do not know the answer to my question from him, google is beautiful.

Then he kind of has this kid in a candy store smile (slightly creepy) that he gets when he begins going on about something. I can honestly say the man loves chemistry. But he cannot teach it worth shit.

Finally, I have my biggest problem. See, the way I work with school is I need to know why something is being taught in the class. English, we learn about Shakespeare because it’s part of the history of literature, don’t always like it but I get it. Math, learn algebra so you can understand more complex things down the road. And so on. He doesn’t give me that.
He will jump from one point to the next, I see no connection, can’t follow it, can’t reason with it. And I have a deep-seated feeling that I will question why I need to know an electron makes a certain colour on the continuum spectrum with certain amounts of energy for a very long time. sarcastic

Someone, please save me. I will have this teacher this semester, second semester and second semester of grade 12. This is going to be one looooonng course.

rant over

Wish me luck,



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