Back To School ~ Extra-Curricular’s

Let’s get straight to the point. High school, middle school, primary school, hell even college and university; they are going to be the time of your life if you play it right. No, I’m not being some typical high-strung teenage girl singing, high school is the best thing ever. Not always. At all. Schooling of any level can be tough and there are nasty people out there and it can’t be all sunshine and flowers. Go to Emilie for that haha. But it is possible to make it amazing because even if it’s tough, it’s a time we need to appreciate more than anything. 

All of it, is about the experience. Combat the negative with the good and probably the best way to do that is with extra-curricular activities. I guarantee most of your teachers/professors will tell you something similar. As an actual student, I can point out the truth behind it.
Of course high school will be boring if you just sit around waiting for it to end and having it pass by you. Take what you can and grab it. Because let’s face it; during this time you can make friends, create memories, be with your family and try your best not worry too much. Not easy by any means, I have worried over the trivial and important things, everyone does.

Go out there and join a sports team or a club. Personally, I’m the sports type. So in school I’ve played rugby, hockey and plan on trying out for soccer this year. Out of school there’s more hockey and I’m having a go at clip art
Then I go out with friends, specifically my ones from the blog and we do what ever is convenient. Just together and have a good time. friends quote
They’ve tried out a few clubs like drama club, astronomy, yearbook, etc. Yes, it keeps you all busy. But there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. club

Try it all, hate some of it, love some of it. I swear on the rugby team we have so many laughs and even nearly crying when our teammates get hurt. It’s bonding and physical and a great thing to do. Also, rugby’s violence tends to be decently therapeutic for me. I have so many friends on these teams, that even though we aren’t ‘besties’ if I needed something, I could go to them. It’s great.

So, remember, this school year, take the chance to put yourself out there. You’ll get really nervous if you’re anything like me, but it’s always worth a shot. I’m sure of that. If it doesn’t work out, oh well. Move on and try something else. Get some experiences out of high school to look back on. Even the bad ones can become funny to look at someday.
Once again, I wish you all good luck in the new school year my fellow students.

Until next time,



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