13 Pictures of Kittens – Daily Dose of Cute

This is so one of my most random ideas yet, with the help of the internet. But yet it’s so beautiful. Let us begin, hmm? 

  1. kitten 1
  2. kittens2
  3. kittens9
  4. kitten 3
  5. kitten4
  6. kittens5
  7. kittens6
  8. kittens7
  9. kittens8
  10. kittens10
  11. kittens11
  12. kittens12
  13. kittens13

This just made me incredibly happy. Hope you guys enjoyed too. And as a little bonus, this is a wonderful video and I swear anytime you need a smile, go for it, please. It works: If I Fits, I Sits: Supercut Video.
Until next time,



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