2 Months

2monthsAs the new school year is approaching, that means our two month experiment is coming to an end. If any of you didn’t know, this blog was started by the five of us, Shayla, Emily, Emilie, Roxanne and Michelle, as a summer project to see how we liked the idea of having a blog. Some of us were ify about it, others were on board from the start. Because of our indecision, we decided to do this for 2 months and then decide whether or not we will continue doing this during the school year.

For the next few days leading up to the week of a new school year, each of us will be posting a “Reflection” of our experience reviewing, and writing different kinds of posts. Along with that, we will post our decision whether or not we will continue this.

Whether some of us continues this or not, we would like to say thank you so much for our followers who read, like and/or commented on our posts. It means so much to us! We never thought we would get this many followers!

We hope to keep you entertained for so much longer!

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