Fanfic: Damaged Love {Kakashi x OC}

She stood by KIA stone in Konoha. Kakashi didn’t recognise the woman immediately until she, Satomi turned to face him a glint in her eye as she met Kakashi’s dark eye. Sighing Satomi turned away from him back towards the sad stone with a pit in her stomach. “Planning to be late for something else Kakashi?” she questioned wryly. In the few times she returned to the village hidden in the leaves these days they always met at the stone and every time Kakashi would leave with an excuse in mind.
Even in the oddness of their friendship she found the routine a comforting one. Satomi had long since lost her parents from birth and after Rin had died as well followed by Satomi’s remaining comrades the village lost appeal. The silver haired copy-cat was someone who she’d once been trained alongside and that wasn’t forgotten. Kakashi came and stood by her side hands hidden in his pockets Satomi watched him out of the corner of her eye. Sometimes the kunoichi wondered how he managed to stay so amused among others, but then again she still couldn’t believe he’d actually taken on students something unheard of before from him. His thoughts were apparently on track with hers though.

“Satomi, do you plan on ever taking on students?” “I would’ve once said that to you,” she muttered lazily before continuing “At this point though…no I doubt it, being an ANBU suits me just fine and students isn’t quite something I believe I can do.” Kakashi’s attention was now off of the stone and the past as he turned to stare into Satomi’s light silver green eyes doubtfully, “You were at the top of the class and have more patience than I do, you’re wise as well. Tell me the real reason Satomi-chan.”
Satomi could only frown at him before she turned away and pulled the wolf mask back onto her face which held down her wild red hair. “Kakashi my reasons are mine, besides you haven’t told me why you chose your students yet.” He sighed lightly, but couldn’t help staring at her retreating form.

His thoughts took over his body. In a sudden movement Satomi could feel Kakashi’s hands on her waist, startled by the touch she spun around only to see his mask now removed and in the next second her own mask was pushed up and his lips were on hers. Her body fell slack and the tense wariness faded, until there was only them. In that moment it was only Kakashi and Satomi, and she couldn’t have it any other way. His lips were so soft and perfect, pressed against hers it was hypnotising. When Satomi truly realised what was happening and in a flash she was five feet away panting and star stuck. She was a deer in the headlights and Satomi felt what she blocked away in all those missions while facing S-rank criminals: fear. Her body trembled and Satomi slipped her mask back into place before turning and darting away into the trees, into safety from herself.

Flashing away from everything and darting past the blurring branches of the trees Satomi finally paused up high in a tree. She ripped her mask away swallowing the lump in her throat trying to regain the lost composure.
Slowly, very slowly, Satomi was breathing normally again and she reattached her mask to the belt of her Anbu uniform. Her hand came up and her fingers brushed over her lips, mind flashing back to that beautiful moment. But an instant later she recoiled. Satomi knew, she knew, with complete clarity the truth behind her feelings for Kakashi and being who she was she avoided it completely and utterly.  Being close to someone again sent Satomi into a full blown panic, the reason why she remained a solo Anbu member and stayed away from others very carefully. For some reason though she always let Kakashi near, no matter the warnings her mind shouted at her, something deeper inside where a deep ache throbbed kept her there and kept her going.

Now she was being forced to face the truth of her own feelings. Satomi pushed out a hard breath gritting her teeth and clenched her shaking fists. Why was she doing this to herself? The kunoichi only huffed again and sighed shaking her head. In her mind Kakashi should simply go to someone else, she was a broken music box, barely able to keep the rhythm that remained.
Squeezing her eyes shut for a moment Satomi then forced her head to silence before she concealed her chakra and began wandering through the trees, keeping to the edges of the village’s roads and just out of sight, but watching. Her pointless trek was pulled to a halt when she heard the sound of a high-pitched squealing, a hyper cry and something that sounded like someone being hit. Brows furrowing Satomi followed the noise and chakra levels with ease before catching sight of the three Genin in the field in front of her; one garbed in blue, then pink and the last in orange. Colourful group, she thought wryly before to her surprise Kakashi stepped over to them.

Satomi paused breath hitching, but before she could decide to jump away and go request another mission she found herself pausing to stay and watch.
She had been right; the group was odd. Extremely so, but as she watched them train together in the training grounds and listening to the pointless arguments and dawdling, Satomi found herself growing fond of them quickly. Maybe it was simply because they reminded her of other squads before them that had been no better at one point, such as her own team. Her cold green eyes slowly softened and a small smile played on her lips as the two boys began another argument.
The twerps just might not be so bad and as her sight changed to their sensei; a part of her could see what he enjoyed so much about being around them. But eventually she just knew she couldn’t stay and without so much a rustle of leaves, the kunoichi was gone and Kakashi’s eyes only flickered there for a moment an almost smug smile hidden behind his mask.

Later on that night in the dim light of the moon Kakashi appeared on a roof behind Satomi who didn’t turn, she stayed perfectly still, staring up at the stars. A deep sigh came out of her and Kakashi stepped closer until he was standing directly behind her. Heat radiated off him to Satomi, alluring and tempting. She bit her lip finally speaking, “Why Kakashi? Why do we bother when sometime we’ll just die and fade away? Why do you…” Satomi’s voice grew smaller and was nearly silent, “Why do you care about me?”
Her body shook with a single tremble and Kakashi’s arms wrapped around her from behind and for one Satomi relaxed, just slightly.
His mask was gone and she could feel his lips lightly against her ear, breath brushing her face, “It’s because we’ll die sometime that I’m going to keep you and have you while I can.” “Even someone so damaged?” Kakashi’s chuckle shook her body, surprising her. “Damaged? Hurt I guess, but I still want you to be mine,” Kakashi paused and this time it was he who shook before his arms around her tightened, “Don’t disappear again, Satomi, come back to the world, to me.”

Satomi caught her breath before ever so slowly she turned around and stared up at him in complete wonder. “So long as you’ll stay,” she breathed. No more words needed to be said then as Satomi relaxed into him, hands reaching up to cup his cheeks bringing his lips down to hers.

They moved together in sync as two heartbeats formed to one. His lips beautiful against hers, sending lightning sparks through her and as he pulled her closer Satomi felt the little bits and pieces of her heart form back together. The ache fading away to nothing, her sadness and guilt becoming nothing but memories. In that moment Satomi felt a blissful perfection in Kakashi’s embrace.


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