It’s done!

So, that’s it! We all completely started new blogs.

Follow Shayla’s newly created blog, Disappear From Reality!!! She’ll be posting about books and writing with the occasional baking and life update post.

And here’s are the links for our other blogs as well because I’m all for self promotion. 😛

Emilie’s: Fiction is My Reality

Michelle’s: Addictively Turning Pages

Shayla’s: Disappear From Reality

Thanks for supporting us for so long!




On behalf of Shayla, Emilie and I, we want to say we are super sorry for the lack of content. As you can already guess, we have moved on BUT that doesn’t mean we have stopped blogging.

We actually have some news.

Emilie and I each started our own personal blog. We will continuing our reviewing and posting there!

So click on the links below and please follow our new blogs! 😀



Also, don’t worry! We will be keeping this blog active for a while until both Em and I slowly transfer all our reviews and content from Meers to our personal one. So, you guys still have access to all our other posts!

Stay posted for a update on the creation of Shayla’s own blog as well!!

We love you all and thank you for sticking with us for this amazing ride and we hope you follow our new blogs! ❤