Summer’s Done, Blogging Fun

I don’t like rhyming as much as I used to, but it’s still amusing every once and awhile.
Anyways, this post correlates with the others and with our post 2 Months and the reflections a few of the others will be doing. The beginning of the talk about all of us making a blog was just that, talk. For me at least that’s what it was. So when it all first started, I was on board. Didn’t really know where it would all go, but I was definitely interested.

Writing is something of a passion of mine. Can’t go without it, won’t go without it. It’s my release, how I express myself, everything. If you’ve seen I’ve posted a few of the one-shots I’ve written. I’ve mostly only ever written stories though.
Of course it didn’t take me long to realize I really enjoyed the blog. who knew gifWho knew right?

I was probably the wild card of the group because I was always looking for new ideas for posts, finding all the different ways to test my writing abilities. Not to mention, it became a lot of fun. I loved how much views we were able to get and the likes have always given me a warm feeling. It’s always a good feeling knowing people who have no idea who you are, so without bias, liked my work.

So I definitely plan on continuing. thumbs up
I have an entire list of different blog post ideas to get on top of during the school year. Not to mention, it’s a great way to procrastinate writing my story while still writing {don’t kill me Roxanne O:)}. All the different possibilities are fun and amusing. It’s a challenge I love and don’t want to put to an end.

All in all, while summer sadly comes to a close, my blogging isn’t going to. I hope you all stick around for it and thank you so much for reading, liking and following mine and my friends posts.

Until next time,



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