Rant: Sexist Male Book Perspectives

I try and get my hands on every single piece of writing available when it comes to my favourite books.

This means prologues, epilogues, extra chapters, and even different perspectives on the same chapter.

Typically, in YA books I read, if the author is going to give you another prospective, it just so happens to be the male love interest, as the female is the first person narrator.

I absolutely love reading these excerpts, but there’s a problem that I seem to keep finding in every male perspective, especially if it’s written by a female author.

That problem is that the male’s focus is constantly on the female love interest.

Of course this makes sense, right? I mean they are in love… No, I think you misunderstood me, the male’s focus is constantly , 100%totally captivated by the female.

It’s bad.

Pretty much John better back it up before he starts peeing on Jane to mark his territory.

Let me try and explain.

Jane is often your only perspective on the story, meaning she has to show you her thoughts and emotions, as well as her interpretation on the world around her. She is explaining the smell of the air, the temperature, the picture perfect view, the conflict of the story, and on top of that all, she explains the emotions that she is aware of from others. It is only then that you are getting Jane’s feelings and interpretations about John.

John on the other hand has a smaller task. Since Jane’s taking care of all the important details, authors seem to take this as an invitation to let John have only two focuses. Him and Jane.

While John explains his emotions, he also includes his interpretation of Jane and her emotions; the smell of Jane, the temperature of Jane, and every. single. thing. about Jane that you could ever imagine.

It’s insanely sexist, and a horrible representation of the male gender! Being female myself, I have no real understanding about what goes on in men’s heads, but it can’t possibly be just the five senses of their love interest, can it?!?

Anyways, I won’t be hindering my reading of these excerpts anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy with it… Mostly, I’m just optimistic enough to believe that I will one day find a male prospective that isn’t sexist, one that I will, for sure, be sharing with all of you.

I want to hear your thoughts, so leave them in the comments!

See you at the bookstore,



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