Rants: Picture Day


Picture Day is a day that happens once or twice a year. This is the day where parents dress their kids in their most cutest or sharpest outfits. It’s a hell for the teachers to organize the kids. Not to mention for the photographers that have to deal with kids who don’t listen. Let’s not forget about
that dreaded group photo where at least one student isn’t looking at the camera, closing their eyes or smiling at all.

As a high school student, I’ve passed those days of awkward smiles and horrible pictures. HA. Just kidding, I’ve not. I find it’s actually worse in high school. Unless you’re lucky and photos are not a problem. (Seriously to those people: Can I be you?)

Yes, having bad pictures is not the end of the world. There’s probably better things I could talk about! The fact that I’m going to share my recent experience proves the ridiculousness of our society’s priorities. It proves the ridiculousness of how I’m acting because I think it’s rather frustrating that I’m acting this way because I know it’s stupid. I feel like so much pressure is put on students to produce good photos. (Maybe it’s just me.) It’s also not just students, it’s young adults too. On Picture Day, I heard Grade 9 girls complain about how they forgot about it so now their hair, makeup or eyebrows aren’t on point. It bothers me so much that people care so much about that these days. I’m not the innocent bystander either. I do care about how I look but it goes to a point where obsessing over that is ridiculous. If I can help it, I don’t give a crap about what I look like unless I look like a zombie or the Wicked Witch of the West.  It just has to do with all the bad experiences I’ve had with this day, and the whole deal about it. That’s why I’m not a fan of Picture Day. I dread Picture Day.

So this week, my school recently had their Picture Day, my school also has a uniform that everyone must wear. Girls essentially wear kilts, and boys, pants. Every student is required to have a close up, and full body photo taken.

I’m Chinese so that normally means I have monolids, which also means that when I smile, it looks like my eyes are closed because my cheeks scrunch up. I hope you guys know where I’m going with this…

What I mean:squintysmile

SEE! His eyes are like slits!!

Back to the point. The photographer had to redo my pictures because it looked like I was blinking every single time he took a photo. (Case in point ^^) Okay, I could’ve actually been blinking but I’m pretty sure I kept my eyes open long enough for the guy to take a picture, so it was because of my squinty eyes. YAY. Asian Problems at its’ finest. As a result of this, it annoys the hell out of me because I want to get these photos done and over with. I’m more impatient than ever when I never enjoyed Picture Day in the first place! Therefore, my eyes are probably more squinty as I try to muster up a fake smile. The more I fake it, the more my eyes go into slits.

In addition, I had my awkward smile going on. I have three types of smiles, (like any other person) my fake smile, my real smile and my awkward smile. When posing for photos, I can usually pass off my fake smile, but I don’t know, I have to be in a certain mood, position, and it has to be at a certain time for my fake smile to “work”. My smile is there but the happiness in my eyes are not. That’s the characteristic of a real smile.

I think for many people, the real emotions come out in your eyes. A real smile can be obtained when a photographer gets me at a moment where I’m laughing at myself, or genuinely happy.  My eyes are bright and my smile comes along with it. That’s why fake smiles are hard to come by. I have to pretend to be happy in the next 3 seconds to pull it off. I usually start laughing at myself to provoke a fake smile but the real key is to have one of your friends make a funny face behind the photographer. The only problem would be to sneak behind them and not get in trouble by the unlucky teachers who got stuck with supervising.

Awkward smiles, on the other hand, are the epitome of horrible pictures. It looks like you’re trying to smile but you’re not and for me, instead of looking like a fake smile or a real smile, it just looks like I’m bearing my teeth with no expression on my face. The point of Picture Day is to a) have photos of every student for the yearbook and b) to have photos for your parents to buy so they can show family members what you look like or to put in an album.

Who wants photos of themselves for everyone to remember and see of you having that awkward smile? Especially when it’s going to be in your school’s yearbook. You don’t look nice, and you don’t look photogenic. No one wants that!! This may sound shallow but in my defense, probably more than 95% of the population has experienced self-image issues and want to look great. It’s part of human nature.

Then, it’s the whole professional vibe to the whole process. I’m an awkward person if we haven’t established that already, and when someone demands me to smile and pose for a picture, I can’t do it! I’ve never had a good photo taken of me during Picture Day. I can’t smile on command. Modelling is definitely not a future career. Ha, I would try it just to make fun of myself and to get the experience. XD

Lastly, why I hate school photos so much is that you have to wait for weeks until you get the proofs and when you think you had a good photo taken, it’s actually not that good. OR, in the events that you’re that lucky person, you either know your photos are going to good or you think they turned out bad, but they actually didn’t. I hate waiting. I just want to see how those pictures turn out…

All in all, this was my rant about how much I despise Picture Day. Really no point to it and I’m pretty sure I was digitally rambling.

Hey, it’s healthy to rant. 😉



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