Two Months. Emilie’s Reflection

So here it goes: My two month reflection on Meers.

From the day that the group decided to start a blog I was totally ready.

Until that day, starting a blog had seemed like a fantasy that I was never going to experience. Having people read, acknowledge, or even like my thoughts seemed absurd. Plus, I wasn’t a writer. I wished I could be, but I was never able to put a pen on paper and finish a story.

The thing was, I was so wrong before, about everything. Blogging is more than a fantasy, and it definitely isn’t just for famous people. Also, being a writer isn’t about writing a best selling YA book. All these things take is a will and a computer screen. (the actual hard drive of the computer as well as Wifi is also an essential)

These past two months have taught me that, and so much more.

Blogging is a way that I have continued to grow myself, a way that I can express myself.

Though I know that continuing to write with the coming school year is going to be difficult, I’m ready for that challenge

So in the end, when it comes to whether or not I’m going to stick with this, my answer is 100% yes.

Thank you so much for giving me the time of day to share my thoughts. I couldn’t have done it without you ❤

Love ya lots,



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