A Letter to Michelle From Michelle…My 2 Month Blogging Experience

Pikachu_wavingDear Michelle,

Hi, it’s me! Talking to me… (Oh my… This is going to be an experience all on its own….)

I can’t believe it’s been two months!! Two months of blogging and reviewing… WOW.

So, how did you like it? I think you liked it a lot. You loved it so much that you’re going to keep doing it for a while. The reviews and the random opinion pieces threw open a door of creativity you haven’t experienced in a while. You want to stay there for a while, and I can’t stop you. I won’t stop you.

You realized and learned many things about yourself, writing, blogging, and reviewing. First, Michelle, you realized you love to review and criticize. You have strong opinions and this blog helped you to share and express them. It gave you a voice. In the beginning, you knew you sucked at putting your thoughts into words. Reviewing and writing opinion pieces helped you organize your thoughts, and I think, (as you) that you have improved in the art of speaking. You’re a little bit better at saying what you mean. Your strong opinions also grew stronger. So, guess what? You’re more stubborn than ever before because now you can prove what you believe.

You started this with your friends. Four of your closest friends. Emily, Emilie, Roxanne and Shayla. This started as a conversation, possibly a joke, but it became real. Think about this for a sec. You created something with this amazing group of best friends. You are a part of something that not a lot of people can say they were a part of. Together, you learned to be independent and pushed each other to do things you wouldn’t do before. We all learned, all grew, and all expressed. Thank you to Emily, Emilie, Roxanne and Shayla for taking this journey with me.

This blog was a motivation to keep you thinking critically over the summer. It was a great exercise for English which you will have first semester and for creative writing. It also helped you type so much faster!! You don’t have to look at the keyboard most of the time now! This will help you so much in the future. Good job me! (You..Michelle… )

This blog was also a great excuse to read more books! But who really needs an excuse to read?? You definitely don’t! 😛 You read so many books this summer. We were in book heaven. ❤

Your vocabulary grew in these 2 months. When writing your book reviews, you noticed you kept repeating words and phrases, so you had to come up with different ways to say the same thing. A thesaurus became your best friend over the summer.

While I’m talking about writing, let’s talk about proof-reading. OH MY DEAR LORD, PROOF-READING SAVED YOUR BUTT MICHELLE. I think we both knew how proof-reading goes a long way and you already learned last year how proof-reading needs to be done for everything. So, for each post, you proof-read. That’s when we knew that having a blog takes up so much of our time.

With actually writing the post, then going over the post, then changing a few things and adding a few words, then going over the post again, and then proof-reading one final time, Michelle, you became aware that blogging is a time-consuming hobby. You would spend hours making sure everything was written to perfection. But of course, when you read your reviews again a few weeks later, you noticed mistakes that you didn’t notice before. I couldn’t believe how much time you spent on your damn laptop writing away. You would start writing and then when you looked at the time, you realized it’s been two hours maybe more. Not that I’m saying blogging is a bad thing, but the way you would review for hours doesn’t seem very healthy especially when at the end you only truly finished 2-3 reviews. Not only that, you still felt like you were behind with your posts.

This comes to my next point. With all that time you used to blog, and with school coming just around the corner, you will have to use your time wisely. Michelle, you have to remember this blog may be your baby, but it is a hobby. Don’t stick to this computer forever. You will have homework to do, and sports to play. Don’t let this blog consume you.

So, Michelle, good luck in the months to come with this blog. I hope you learn to control your time, and write amazing reviews. I hope this blog grows and grows and grows.

Again good luck.

With love,


I hope you guys enjoyed this little spin. 🙂 It was really hard to wrap my head around but I think I did it!

I’ll be sticking around for a long time and I can’t wait to bring you more reviews and so much more! I never thought I would write a blog, and with my friends too! My dream became a reality and it blows my mind.

Thank you so much for listening and reading what I write. I can’t say it enough.

Until next time,



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