Rant: Tight Skinny Jeans

jeansI have a confession. I buy horrible jeans from Walmart. These jeans are scratchy, and do not fit me right. They are so uncomfortable and they don’t even look nice either… Not to mention, that they are super tight on me, and makes my very short legs unflattering.

I’m just realizing that because I’m a short person acquiring the right pair of jeans is essential to make me look a little bit taller and not like a midget.

So, last weekend I decided to indulge myself by buying brand name jeans from American Eagle. And the outcome is MOMENTOUS.

Let me say this guys. THE MOST COMFORTABLE PAIR OF JEANS I’VE EVER WORN. I’m already addicted to the softness and “stretchyness” of these AE jeans!! I can actually move in them and they feel like I’m wearing leggings!! (I’m not wearing jeggings…I know what those are thank you very much) I’ve entered the kingdom of good quality jeans that I’ll never turn away from. I’ll never go back to those horrible jeans from Walmart ever again!!

I bought three pairs for twenty bucks each from the clearance section at American Eagle cause I’m a cheap motherfucker… STOP JUDGING NOW. Seriously, everything at AE is extremely expensive and getting these quality jeans for twenty bucks is amazing!! That’s why I love clearance sales because you can get great stuff for a very good price! I felt like I hit the jackpot with my shopping spree at AE! Worth every freaking buck. And because of this, I’m ready to invest money in buying jeans from AE for a long time, heedless of the price tag.

Every girl knows that skinny jeans are normally tight as fuck In a few hours they cut off your circulation and then your legs are tingling sticks of fat. Girls, you know what I mean! You can’t feel your legs anymore and every time you want to sit, it’s super duper hard to cause your jeans ARE SO DANG TIGHT.  We purposely do this to ourselves just for the fact of looking good. What is wrong with us?!? Why can’t we wear things that are comfortable and not get judged by society for wearing PJs out?????? Please tell me!

Well, there’s no more need for painful days wearing those dreaded skinny jeans! American Eagle has the solution! Their jeans changes everything. They’re skinny jeans and completely comfortable! They also make me look good too!! 😛 It’s a picture perfect scenario! I can’t wait for fall season so I can wear these amazing jeans all the time!

Well that’s my little rant! Hope you can relate to it as much as I do! 😛


This is probably the most girly post I’ve ever written…


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