Back-To-School: Easy DIY Binder Covers

naked-binder-2aOkay, first, I’m going to do a little disclaimer. If you’re looking for a really creative binder cover tutorial, go somewhere else like to Bethany Mota. These are going to be super simple, and super easy to do. Again, if you’re looking for something extravagant and creative, you’re expectations are too high and you’ll be disappoint with this post.

Every year, I make new covers for my classes. At first, I used to plan what I was going to create, but then I realize that I was overthinking it. I mean they’re binder covers!! Don’t get me wrong, I love having titles on my binders because it makes it so much easier to organize and I have been creating the covers I’ll be showing you since I’ve started high school for each semester.

I think I’m rambling now…Let’s get started!

Things you need:

  • white paper
  • markers
  • internet
  • binders

Step 1: Go to or any other free online font website.

Enter the class name into the Preview box, then click Submit. The website will automatically produce a preview of the fonts.

BinderStep1 fontsbinder

Step 2: Find the font you like

There are multiple fonts you can choose from on Once you choose the font you want, blow up your screen to the desired size using the Zoom option. Now, place a white piece of paper on the screen.

Step 3: TRACE!

Outline or trace the font you chose by putting paper on the screen. Please ask permission before you use markers on the screen. I usually put two or three blank pages underneath so the marker doesn’t bleed through. I’ve never had a problem with bleeding, so I think you should be safe. But again, to be on the safe side, use quality markers.

Tip PhotoblogChoose a font that isn’t too thin, unless you’re 150% dedicated to tracing slowly and patiently. I like picking thick fonts cause it’s easier to outline. Steady hands are also a bonus.


Step 4: Fill it in!

Once the outline is finished, take the sheet off the screen and colour it in! You can use different colours and/or different ways to fill it in. I prefer solid colour, but you can always use lines, squiggles or zig-zags.

Step 5: Put in it your cover.

Place it in your cover and voila! You got a DIY Binder Cover! Here are some covers that I made in the past two years.

Grade 9: I went simple with solid colours and easy, fun fonts.


Grade 10: I decided to be more creative with my covers. I love how these turned out!


Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! This is the most easiest way to make binder covers that look fairly homemade. 😉 Perfect for lazy people like moi!

Good luck!


Disclaimer: All rights to the fonts go to their rightful owner. No copyright intended. 


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