Movie Review: The Longest Ride (2015)

longestrideThe Longest Ride (2015)

Britt Robertson – Sophia Danko
Scott Eastwood – Luke Collins
Alan Alda – Ira Levinson
Jack Huston – Young Ira
Oona Chaplin – Young Ruth
Melissa Benoist – Marcia

Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: April 10 2015

five star

Holy shit, I just finished balling my eyes out. Nicholas Sparks movies are the bomb.

I knew I wanted to watch this movie when it first came out, it was more of a when I would watch it. I had it for a while but never really got to watching it until now. I knew that it was going to be good, ha, it would be more than good but I wanted to watch it in one sitting and watch it when I felt the urge to watch it.

Now, was the time. Boy, am I glad to watch it now than later because if I hadn’t waited I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much. Yet again, I’ll never know will I?

Let’s talk tear factor. On a scale of dry to sobbing, The Longest Ride gets a tear factor of tears streaming down the face with blurry vision along with weird blubbering noises. I really didn’t think I was going to cry during this movie. I mean, I’ve cried during every Nicholas Sparks movie and I’m a definite cryer. But I’m waiting for that one that won’t do it for me. This movie is not the one, because I was tearing up and full-out crying by the end. The fact that this happens shows that the movie was good especially for a Nicholas Sparks movie because they are made for people to ball their eyes out.

The theme behind The Longest Ride (TLR) was a unique one. TLR surrounds a professional bull-rider Luke Collins, who is presently making a comeback in the bull-riding world when he was pulled out of commission from an injury a year ago. Then walks in Sophia Danko, a girl passionate about art, and from a very different world. These two fall in love and have to battle the dangers of Sophia moving away to New York at the end of the summer, and Luke getting hurt once again.

With that story in the present world, we also witness another love story that started 75 years ago. Ira and Ruth. Both Ira and Ruth come from different worlds just like Luke and Sophia. Ruth also has a passion for contemporary art. The past collides with the present as the young couple crosses paths with Ira and the letters he wrote to Ruth.

The plot was so good and the romance was absolutely moving, sweet and passionate. I had moments where I “awww!”-ed and moments where I just smile at their relationship and chemistry. And of course, moments where my heart hurt and I was crying.

The producers and directors chose the cast perfectly. The actors embodied the character and the story. Not to mention, Luke is attracted as hell. The thing with Nicholas Sparks movie is that the leading male actors are always so good-looking. Yea, there are plenty of good-looking guys out there but the ones chosen specifically for Nicholas Sparks movies have a little something special. As I look back, each movie had the leading male character so perfectly portrayed and it just worked.

Now, I’m not neglecting the leading female actress either. They’re chosen with care as well. Another important thing in Nicholas Sparks movie is the chemistry between the two actors that will bring the story to life. Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood, who play Sophia, and Luke respectively, had the chemistry, had the looks and feels of the characters, and inevitably made the movie magical.

Nicholas Sparks wrote the book the movie is based on, but I have to give credit to the producers, directors, and writers as they, without fault, brought this book to life. They did a wonderful job. Thank you for creating yet another fabulous Nicholas Sparks movie!

Ah! I really like this movie and now it can be added to my list of favourite Nicholas Sparks movie. It can also add to the growing list of successful Nicholas Sparks movies. I’m already excited for the next one!

The Longest Ride is an ugly-cry but melt-your-heart kind of movie.

You won’t be disappointed as Nicholas Sparks (and the producers) do it again!

Don’t forget to bring the box of tissues!



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