Back To School – How To Cope

Back to School. tumblr_lk6o62xanW1qztwte

Those three words kill me a little bit inside. I don’t enjoy this time of year at all. The summer is suddenly slipping through my fingers far too quickly. It doesn’t help that literally everyone I know constantly asks the question “Are you excited to go back to school?” No. A big fat no. The answer would be no, it will always be no. Yet, of course every year it comes around and I find ways to deal with it. So now I’ll give you guys an explanation on how I cope with back to school.

Step 1: Denial. Yes, I begin with denial, honestly almost everyone should. {Emilie is a huge exclusion here, there is something massively wrong with that girl’s excitement for this time of year}. denial.gif (500×262)So pretty please, everyone, leave me alone and stop asking if I’m excited because NO. It is not happening, I am not going back. No, no, no.

Step 2: Cry. Yes because crying is the answer to all of our problems. Okay maybe not but sometimes it does help you feel better about something…I’m not sure if it actually makes me feel better in this case or not. Blegh oh well. Mourn. Mourn while you can and take it all in, because tumblr_nd5n09ofig1smpadno1_250.gif (245×170)

Step 3: Acceptance…..I guess. Sure, yeah why not. Sadly, very incredibly undoubtedly sadly, it will come. It cannot be stopped. Unless someone wants to help me plan an apocalypse of course.

Step 4: Enjoy it while it lasts. Summer might be coming to the end, but that doesn’t mean it has to be consumed by that very thought. Keep going forward and keep making those summer memories, they’re a beautiful thing and will make your transition back into school a whole lot easier. Then, you will continue to make memories that you might laugh, cry, smile or all of the above about later on in life. That’s what these years before stepping into the ‘real world’ should be meant for.

Step 5: Take a chance to get organized (internal shudder). Use one day or two from your summer to get all of your things ready and set for the new year. With everything prepped you’ll feel a lot better going into the new year. A pain in the ass sure, but worth it in the long run, check out some of our other back to school posts to get ready for the new year such as; Choosing The Planner and more to come.

Step 6: Once step 5 is taken care of, feel free to relapse into denial, I do it all the time. It’s good for the soul. Just keep repeating, it doesn’t have to happen tumblr_inline_mgs2onaZFs1rpt0rh.gif (300×225)

Step 7: I don’t have a clue. Somewhere along this point everything truly does settle in and there’s no more relapse. Acceptance fully comes for me and I face the fact. Yeah, that’s step 7; face the fact. No more relapse, no more denial, crying is still accepted. clint-eastwood-nod-of-approval.gif (480×216)

Step 8: For any of those that tend to get anxious around this time. Worries are common, there sadly always going to have them, but you will be able to deal with what ever comes, if not, reach out to those around you. There are so many ways to deal with it, this link is more for the parents but good for the person themselves as well, click here.

Step 9: Positives. There are so many positive things that will come along. New friends, old friends, great teachers and those annoying ones you’ll want to piss off as much as possible. Going out for lunch and iffy cafeteria food. Take the joy that you can have in all of it and get ready to.

Step 10: Have fun. In and out of the classroom. That is honestly the best way possible to cope with the new year. It’s not the end of the world and you will
enjoy it if you want to. Don’t sit back waiting for the next summer. In my mind, that is the best way to cope with school. 1728-20141006-HaveFunForever.jpg (1200×1200)

Until next time and good luck,



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