Rant: Children’s Movies

c1c6c-rant-warningIt is no joke when I say that in my mind, children’s movies are extremely important and some of them are truly wonderful things I will cherish for the rest of my life. Re-watching them now, I almost always find some meanings hidden within different parts of it, that as a child I either didn’t catch on to, or most likely, I noticed subconsciously more than anything else. And I love it. 

This whole rant is starting off because the other night I was watching random things on Netflix when I found one of my old childhood favourites, Spirit. Now, this one is admittedly quite the old, animated one from the year 2002.

Watching it though brought a smile to my face in so many ways. The story still makes my heart warm, the emotions tighten it. I will forever and always love this movie like none other. The songs are amazing, the narration is just right. All of it always puts me in a great mood. And yet, it’s so simple. A simple plot, simple characters, little speech. I think that says something, I can’t be sure what, but it does. Just check out one of the songs, here.

Then there’s a movie like Mulan. Another big favourite of mine that I just love watching because Mulan is probably one of the best role models out there for doing what you believe is right, even if it goes against tradition or societal values. Family is incredibly important, and Mulan perfectly showcases what some (and many more should be) are willing to do for theirs. The comedy helps a lot too.

Another one that has plenty of family focus is of course Lilo & Stitch. That one also moves to acceptance as well. Family should never be forgotten, in any and all forms it comes in because family doesn’t have to be by blood, not in the least.

Lady and the Tramp is one more I’ve also always loved. One of the few romance movies I will re-watch again and again. Speaking of which, I haven’t actually watched this one in awhile, I should do that. Love can be a really amazing thing and I’d say our main characters in this sweet tale can teach us a thing or two about it with a close look.

I guess what I’m trying to say is look at these simple movies we have. I never full realized how much they mean to me. They are part of my childhood that I love and as I said before, will never forget. In some ways, what I learned from them will stay with me forever. It’s just taken me this long to realize how important that is to me.
Values and morals are something I hold very closely in the way I behave. So yes, some good entertainment, but also some things everybody should know and understand. Family, friendships and bonds formed that will always be memorable.

I suppose I’ve finally taken notice that I’m pretty happy to have these movies around. I definitely don’t plan on stopping watching them anytime soon. They’re a tradition I will keep going for as long as possible.
Don’t know how much sense any of this made, but maybe you guys caught on to what was going through my mind, or not who knows. Phew  rant over

Until next time,



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