Movie Review: Just Go With It (2011)

just go with itJust Go With It (2011)

Adam Sandler – Daniel
Jennifer Aniston – Katherine
Bailee Madison – Maggie
Brooklyn Decker – Palmer
Nicole Kidmen – Devlin
Nick Swarson – Eddie

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release Date: February 11 2011

four star

It’s been a while since I could indulge myself in watching Rom-Coms. I’ve been looking for that movie to bring me out of my hiatus of romantic movies and Just Go With It did the trick!!

This movie is the definition of Rom-Coms. The romance was there but the comedy shined in this one which I LOVE. I was laughing so much!! Adam Sandler’s character, Danny was so quirky and sassy and together with Jennifer Aniston’s character, Katherine, the pair was a comedic duo! They traded insults and clever comebacks back and forth, and they were just hilarious together. Also, these two had great chemistry which pulled off the romance and the comedy!

Any movie with Sandler it in, you know it’s going to be funny and good. Any movie with Aniston in it, you know you’re going to be amazed by her skills and beauty.

I would summarize the movie but I think the trailer does a much better job at doing so while convincing you to watch it. So, here’s the link to the trailer:

One of the basic storylines that I adore is the pretend-to-be-in-a-fake-relationship-then-fall-in-love type. Just Go With It is that with a side of Pygmalion. If you watched the trailer, you’ll know what I mean.

The beginning was surprisingly very appealing. When watching movies, the beginning is super important for me, and evidently important for anyone and everyone. The beginning must give enough interest for the watcher to continue seeing the movie, and give a hint about what was going to happen. The beginning sets the movie into motion and Just Go With It had a great beginning. I could tell that I was going to really enjoy this movie, and I did.

I want to say the plot is original, but to be honest, it wasn’t. I think I’ve read to many books with this storyline that I just knew what was going to happen. Yes, some scenes were pretty original and humorous. The fact that the kids had to play along, and the whole trip to Hawaii was original, and the appearance of Eddie, holy shit, that was funny! Ok, so I guess when you strip the movie to a basic storyline, it’s not original, but the small details padded onto the story were inventive.

Needless to say, I hated Decker’s character, Palmer. When Danny wanted to pursue Palmer, I wanted to punch him in the nuts. I mean seriously, she is too freaking young, not to mention stupid too. Yea, she is gorgeous but looks aren’t everything and neither is sex. By the end of movie, that was exactly what the message was.

I adored Katherine’s children, Maggie and Michael. Both were silly, cunning and a great addition to the movie. Special mention to Bailee Madision’s British accent and Michael’s character not being able to swim but wanting to swim with the dolphins!! Again, another reason why I was laughing through the whole movie.

Being a Grey’s Anatomy fan, I loved how Danny was a plastic surgeon. Yes, it doesn’t play a huge part in the movie but I still liked that detail anyway. It actually reminded me of Mark Sloan which made me a bit nostalgic. 😦

Just Go With It is a great Rom-Com to watch with the girls. It will make you laugh your ass off and leave you with those happy feelings.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a laugh.

Happy watching!



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