Back To School – Recipes for Lunchtime

tumblr_n7ndvxSmIt1sebx5vo1_500.gif (500×274)Food. It is one thing of ultimate importance in life. Physically, I am a very health oriented person, and I would possibly be in the best shape ever except for one minor detail. I love food and I refuse to deny myself that. During school it remains important. Today, I’ll start of with lunches, ones that I use and that I’ll be trying out this year. 

Let’s start off with a basic list of what I’ll put in one of my simple, non-time consuming lunches I make up in the morning.

Lunch #1
-apple and/or banana
-simple sandwich with butter and ham (other meats as preference goes)
-container of crackers; such as Vegetable Thins, Aero Root, Oreos, etc.
-peach fruit cup
-granola bar {check out my recipe here}
-any random treat available

Another thing to add in is with use of your blender (this would be good to make the day before and store in the fridge in case you have light sleepers) or in my case the Nutribullet. The ingredients for this varies based on what’s available and what you like, even better, I use frozen fruit so you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

Lunch #2 featuring the Nutribullet or blender
-nutribullet or blender
-2 to 5 different frozen fruits (strawberries, blueberries and rasberries is always a great go-to combo)
-juice (optional) to about half of how much fruit is put in
-water, all of half depending on if juice is used
-frozen/fresh spinach or kale
This entire recipe could be made more by adding in yogourt, protein powder, etc, this is just a very simple version.

Lunch #3
This one is similar to the first one except that I’m just giving a list of the very basic parts of what your lunch can be made up of.
-cut up fruit
-chopped veggie
-cubed cheese
-random treat found in the cupboards

Lunch #4 pizza rolls
-large wholemeal tortilla wrap
-layer with diced fresh tomato
-some finely chopped veggies (ie green onion, green pepper, etc)
-a little bit of cheese
Roll up up, slice into ‘pinwheels’ then bake until the cheese is melted. Good cold or heated up in the microwave. One that would be made the night before and stored in the fridge.

Lunch #5 Bruschetta, ooh I got fancy
-blender or nutribullet
-red onion
-splash of balsamic vinegar
-swig of olive oil
Blend all the ingredients together and store in fridge. Eat it on slices of baguette bread, wholemeal rye, or sourdough. Make a batch for the week and just store it. Remember to pack the bread and veggies separately.

Lunch #6 Leftovers, then not-so-fancy
-whatever was eaten last night, in a container.
-use of a microwave at school
I don’t do it as often as I should, but after dinner grab up some of the leftovers and leave them in a container for use in the morning, simple and sweet.

Lunch #7 Salad
-red onion
-greek or balsamic dressing stored separately in a container
A salad is never a bad idea, just remember to keep your dressing separate so it doesn’t become gross and soggy, nasty. This is a greek salad for the most part but find whichever variations you prefer, this of course is my preference. Add a random fruit and your lunch is good to go.

Lunch #8 Turkey-Cheese Pita Pockets {googled}
Spread a creamy cheese, such as Boursin, inside a whole wheat pita, then fill with roast turkey slices, baby spinach leaves and cucumber slices.

Lunch #9 Different combinations {googled}
Lunch BTS
If the words are too small, here’s the image link.

Lunch #10 Tuna Melt {googled}
This version of the dinner classic is enlivened with the tangy flavors of red pepper, lemon, and ketchup. The entire recipe was long so I made it into a separate post which you can find here.

Well, I think that’s all I have to put here for lunches. Hope you give them a shot and enjoy. And of course, everyone, I wish you lots of luck with the incoming school year. Maybe some decent food will help you survive. To add to your dealing with it check out some of our dessert centred recipes.

Until next time,



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