Back To School – Never Again Moments

Well, this post could end up being pretty embarrassing and I’m putting it on the internet…I never said I was normal, right? Meh, if you guys have been riding my posts you’ve already figured out I’m not awhile ago. Normal is boring anyways, who needs it.
Back to the point, I figured that with back to school and the series we’re doing for it on here I might as well do one about all the things I don’t want to do ever again, or just bad moments in general I suppose. I wonder if I’ll end up laughing or crying at myself? Huh, guess we’ll find out, I’ll let you know at the end of this. 

⇒ I figure I’m going to start this off with a big bang. Puking. I don’t want to puke at school again. At the front doors, sitting on a bench all over the floor and myself. Vomiting sucks as it is, not at home and in public; much worse. Now, let me explain this story, I was actually having an allergic reaction to peanuts, a mistake I don’t feel like explaining, and was waiting to be picked up after telling the office I was sick. That was the result. Possibly saved my life, but still a really, really shitty experience altogether. Not going back there. 

⇒ Here’s one I really don’t feel like admitting. Letting people get a peep at my email. I was in the computer lab at lunch finishing up something last minute, pretty normal for me. And this guy in my year was there, he started to look over and I don’t know how but one of my emails got opened up and there were pictures of a yaoi ship from Bleach. Yeah. Pretty much. Damn that sucked. Okay I’m moving on now, that didn’t make me happy then and still not now, or maybe crying will become an option.

⇒ Not too sure about putting this one for different reasons. Jeez this is turning into one iffy post altogether. Guys that are squeamish about period talk, skip to the next one now. You see, first year of high school one time, I’m pretty sure I went most of the day on my period with only one thin pad, because it wasn’t supposed to come yet and my best friend wasn’t there that day.
It sucked a lot in all honesty although it’s kind of funny now, I was pretty uncomfortable but I could’ve asked some other girls. I was just being silly. Still, sucked and the nasty emotions during that week probably didn’t help. I was grouchy and bleeding out. And now because I’m in the mood and it made me laugh I’ll share this tumblr post

Don’t ask. Please. Anyways let’s see what else I never want to do again.

⇒ See a teacher I hate outside of school. I am being very serious here. Last year I had a teacher that was…she was an idiot. Her french was horrible, she should have been teaching fifth graders because that’s how she treated us and she wasn’t really smart enough to deal with us. So yeah, annoying year and for one semester I had her for two classes. Talk about a test of patience. Never. Will. I. Deal. With. That. Again.
Then at one point I was going to Starbucks with a friend, craving what can you do. And I’m all relaxed chatting, catching up, yadda yadda yadda. Then I look over, and the annoying twat is sitting over at one of the tables drinking her starbucks with her laptop being all studious and blegh. No. Just no. I have nothing more to say.

⇒ Break my IPod at school (or in general hopefully). Just no, upsetting and embarrassing. Not to mention the thoughts of “oh shit my mom is gonna kill me”. A girl dropped her lock on it where it was on my binder and smoosh went the screen. I was freaked because for me, my IPod means music and that means comfort so it immediately put me in a bad place.  I nearly freaked at the girl and I don’t quite enjoy that near loss of self control. That ruined my entire day completely. The following days as well, until we managed to get it replaced for free. So yay, happy ending.

For some reason I actually can’t remember any significant ones right now. I’m pretty sure I might have blocked them out. If so, then I don’t think I mind too much, even with my massive curiosity. Feel free to share some of your Never Again moments, it’s kind of therapeutic in all honesty.

Oh and yeah, I think it ended up being a mix of laughter and crying for this. Not too awful altogether and maybe it’ll help some of you guys feel better about the new year if you got my main message in this: whatever you feel in the moment.
It will pass. It sure as hell won’t feel like it, but later on, you’ll be able to look at it with a much better mind set, so try not to worry too much about it, whatever happens, happens. Once it does you can’t do anything about it, so instead of dreading on it, find a way to deal with it.

So there’s my inspirational tid-bit at the end, good luck with enjoying the rest of the summer left and until next time,



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