Back to School ~ Choosing the Planner

Back to school is here people, and that is hella exciting!

I swear I’m a kid waiting for Christmas when it comes to my first day back; I literally can’t wait! So to get you all into this joyful spirit, I’m here to present my first back to school post, something that will for sure help you whether it’s your freshman year, or well beyond.

Planning your planner

Ha! Isn’t that catchy 😉

Planners are a high school essential that are sometimes overlooked when doing BTS shopping. But I promise, you’ll quickly realize the importance of having one when the year gets into full swing and homework, sports, and volunteer events start to build up.

When shopping for planners I typically go for ones that both have a large calendar at the beginning of each month, as well as separate pages dedicated to each day of the week. This way I can see both the big and little picture of my schedule. I totally recommend checking out Staples or Chapters when on the search for one, since they have the best variety!

When it comes to actually writing in your planner, I’m afraid I can’t be much help. The reason is that I’ve quickly come to realize that everyone keeps track of there stuff differently.


To the left are the super creative and fun people who keep life interesting. Oh, and to the right is me.

Some like writing in different colours for each subject, while others stick with the colour coded theme, but by using highlighters or sticky notes instead.

Personally, I’m the totally boring plain Jane who just likes to keep things one colour and neat 😉 .

My next recommendation when it comes to planners is to put it into a simple plastic folder.


This was literally a life saver for me as I brought this folder with me everywhere and filled it with permission forms, schedules, and extra paper. I found that by doing this, I always had everything I could possibly needed with me. The folder also soon became a place for me to put my homework too, so I could avoid bringing huge binders home every night.

In the end this was what helped me to keep the stress minimized and the days maximized. I hope it helps you too!

Have any special requests for our back to school series? Leave them in the comments!

Love ya lots,



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