Stirling Festival Theatre Review: Legally Blonde The Musical – Young Company Show


five star

Every summer, my sister, some family friends and I go to the Stirling Theatre to watch the Young Company show. Every summer, volunteers from 12 to 22 years old put on a musical that they have been practicing for one month. This year, these aspiring talented actors and actresses performed “Legally Blonde the Musical”.

And holy mackorel, the talent and the overall performance was amazing!! I’ve never watch Legally Blonde the movie but after watching this show, I MUST watch it sometime! I want to watch the show for a second time!

You could tell how much work these kids put forth to put on a quality worthy show. The Legally Blonde cast were treated professionally in preperation for a 3 week showcase. I can’t explain how much talent is out there with their believable acting and lovely singing. I wish I could sing like these guys could! 😛

Also, the cast sings while dancing vigoreously at the same time and all I can think about was how much work they had to put in to do that without sounding too tired!! These actors were conditioned to perfection. I mean dancing and singing is freaking hard!! This is just some of the evidence that shows the cast is 100% dedicated to the show. They knew all their lines, the dance moves and the song lyrics. I really couldn’t find anything wrong with the show!

This show is by far the best the Young Company ever put on. I laughed so hard and I thoroughly enjoyed every single number. I’m so impressed with the way it turned out!!! These kids are not amateurs and that is the reason why my friends and I come back to watch the shows every single year.

This may be a short review but there is no doubt that the Stirling Festival Theatre did it again with a comedic, and enjoyable performance of Legally Blonde the Musical.

I recommend kids and adults of all ages to go watch this production!

See you guys next year!



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