TV Review: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE – Top 10 Perform + Elimination

four star

Well, we’re halfway through the season already!! Last week, we found out our Top 10! And you know what that means, ALL-STARS ARE BACK!!

I love this time of the season because America has weeded out the best dancers. But I do have to say, I am not happy with the eliminations of last week… Namely, I was rooting for Alexia and she got eliminated!! 😦 This week’s wasn’t any better.

This year’s Top 10 are:

Team Street


Team Stage


In the beginning, I really thought the whole Street vs Stage was gonna blow. It didn’t look promising and I didn’t know how they were going to pair up the dancers since it would be harder to do boy/girl pairs. I love the Team Captain idea though! Team Stage Captain, Travis Wall is my idol. I love him to death, he is an AMAZING choreographer and dancer and he’s pretty good-looking. Twitch, the captain for Street makes me laugh every episode. Together, the twosome make for great entertainment. 😀

I was on the fence about this new twist but I’m halfway in and I’m hooked! I really enjoyed Season 11 so I had high expectations for Season 12 and it’s not so bad. It’s meeting up to my expectations, and every week the dances get better and better.

I thought every single Top 10 did amazing with their All Star. All met up to the talent and skill of the All Star.

My favourite dances were of Edson and Jaimie with a Travis Wall Contemporary, and Gaby and Joshua with a Hip Hop routine.

Just knowing Travis’s work you know the duet was going to be a good one. Holy shit was it an amazing dance. ❤ I can’t even describe how much I loved it. The dance took my breath away. I have to agree with the judges that it was Edson’s best dance. Jaimie was just gorgeous too. Seriously, AMAZING.

Gaby is my favourite dancer on Team Stage. She tackles every week with smiles, skill and perfection. She has danced beautifully each week and improving immensely. I’m rooting for her to be America’s Favourite Dancer. Gaby did incredible in her hip hop routine. I also can’t find words to describe how much I enjoyed watching her dance with Joshua. *swoon* SO TALENTED THAT GIRL!

A side note. I’m so happy Jessica Richens is an All-Star!!!!! I love watching her dance as she sucks me into the dance and emotion. She’s a beauty to watch. I hope she’s back next week!

These eliminations were a nail-biter. I knew who I wanted to make it to Top 8. Edson and JJ. Guess who got eliminated?? EDSON AND JJ. So, Derek and Megz made it to next week. I’m devastated. It freaking sucks!!! Edson did amazing and now he’s gone. 😦 Ugh. I’m angry. WHY AMERICA WHY?!?!

The stakes are high for the remaining dancers. This week was definitely a good week as everyone did super well. It is going to be hard to see two more dancers go. :/

So, who will be in Bottom 4 next week?

Tune in to Fox on Monday to find out! I know I will!

Keep calm and dance on! (see what I did there? 😛 😉 )



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