Packing for Europe ~ A Journey to Europe Series ~

In a couple of weeks I’m off to Europe on a family vacation in which I’ll be hiking, exploring old monuments, and shopping! Not to mention all of the pictures I’ll be taking *Sigh.*

In preparation for this trip, I’ve been doing some researching for what I should pack. Keeping all that I’ve learned from the handy internet in mind, as well as all of the activities that I’ll be doing, I’ve created what I hope to be a foolproof list of things to pack.

Let’s get started.

What to pack for Europe

The first thing that I realized pretty quickly in my research was that every site had about the same recommendations.

  1. Firstly they all said to only pack dark coloured clothes. If you wear bright neon shirts then you’re automatically going to be spotted as a tourist. Once locals know that you’re not from around there, you become a target for pick pocketers, sales men, and more.

  2. Second, modest clothes were also something that was recommended to keep in mind when packing for Europe, especially for Italy. Not only will many churches not allow you in if you are without sleeves and with shorts, but you may draw some unwanted attention

  3.  Thirdly, most of the sites also spoke of the fact that the European dress standards for women include pants or long skirts. Shorts are rarely worn.

  4. Another thing that was recommended was to wear -bear with me here- fanny packs. Yep, I know, I shuddered too. However, pick pocketers are a huge concern in Europe and “money belts” are the best ways to assure that your stuff stays safe.

Now I have to admit that I when it came to my wardrobe I took some of these recommendations lightly…

The first thing that I decided to pack was my bottoms. I decided that 3 pairs of shorts, two skirts (plus modesty shorts), as well as leggings and hiking pants would be the best to pack. Honestly though, if I weren’t so unwilling to let a pair go, I would have only brought two pairs of shorts.

The next thing that I decided to cover was tops. I grabbed four tanks in white, black, red, and floral, three simple tees and two nicer shirts. I also included a long sleeve top and a dress. Yeah, once again I should have left some tees behind. I’m bad at this packing light thing. Moving on…

Finally I set aside two bathing suits, two sets of pj’s, a set of workout clothes, three sweaters, a rain jacket, and underwear. Can you believe that I was going to title this post “How to pack in a carry on?”

For toiletries, I grabbed a tooth brush, tooth paste, a comb and brush, Moroccan oil, face wash, deodorant, Vaseline, hand cream, a razor, jewelry, and tweezers. Almost all of these things were travel sized. That counts as packing light right?

Along with these things I grabbed a pair of running shoes, flip flops, and some dressier flats.

Of course besides the clothes and toiletries, there are a few other things to pack.

In my actual carry on, I packed a camera, extra memory cards, and charger, my phone, a wall and portable phone charger, headphones, adapters, two books, a notebook and pencil, and my wallet.

Here’s a list of everything

  • 2 pants
  • 2 skirts
  • 3 shorts
  • 4 tanks
  • 3 tees
  • 2 nicer shirts
  • 1 long sleeve
  • 2 bathing suits
  • 2 sets of pjs (one warmer one cooler)
  • 1 set of workout clothes
  • 3 sweaters
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 5 pairs of underwear
  • 1 dress
  • Toiletries: Tooth brush and paste, a comb and brush, Moroccan oil, face wash, deodorant, Vaseline, hand cream, a razor, jewelry, and tweezers
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 1 camera with a charger and extra memory cards
  • 1 phone and charger (along with a portable charger)
  • headphones
  • adapters
  • 2 books
  • 1 notebook and pencil
  • 1 wallet

So that’s what’s in my suitcase to Europe. I’ll be sure to blog about my days there and to keep you up to date about how my packing list held out.

Oh! And if for whatever reason you think you’re sane enough to pack in a carry on, here’s a nice guide!


Love ya lots,



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