The Excerpt for Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins is HERE!!!!

This is the first of many fangirl posts. As a book nerd, I follow lots of sites about books and their authors’. One of them:, posted the excerpt for Sweet Temptation and I completely freaked!!!

I LOVE the Sweet Evil trilogy to bits. And FINALLY seeing an excerpt, which is 103 pages long, was amazing! I started squealing and flailing my arms around because this excerpt meant the release of Sweet Temptation was coming very soon. (September 8th!!!!!) I’ll link the excerpt below.

Sweet Temptation is a companion novel to the Sweet Evil trilogy and-wait for it-it’s all in Kai’s POV!!! Kai. Kai. Kai. More Kai. ❤ HE IS THE BOOK BOYFRIEND. ❤ I’m just so excited to read the trilogy in Kai’s POV!!

I ripped through the online excerpt in minutes. And once I was done, it was like I had book hungover because there was nothing else to read and now I had to wait until September 8th for the actual book to come out!!

That’s the thing with excerpts, sneak peeks, and teasers!! You get addicted, you search the internet to find every last excerpt, sneak peek and teaser to satisfy your craving, you bookmark every single “extra” from the books. You read fanfiction, you find fanart and once you find them all, you realize that that’s it, and you have to wait until the release date. You get depressed, and then like any addiction, you reread the books, look at all the fanart and find every teaser again just to satisfy the inner fangirl that can’t get enough of the books.


*tries to calm myself down…it doesn’t work*


I want to say thank you so much to Wendy for writing this book for us because this is definitely for the fans. I love you. I love Kai. I love Anna. I love everyone. I love your books. I’m super duper excited to read Sweet Temptation when it comes out. I won’t be disappointed and I’m so glad the Sweet Evil journey is not ending yet. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. ❤


The first 103 pages of Sweet Temptation ❤ :

Disclaimer: The featured image banner is not mine. All rights go to its rightful owner. No copyright intended.


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