Conspiracy Theory

This may be a tough subject for some, it’s not an easy one for me either, which is exactly why I’m writing it. So be warned now this is my theory about cancer and possible cures. Similar to others I’ve heard before. This will be filled with a mix of my pessimistic and bluntly realistic views on the world as it is. So, shall we begin?

I think I’m going to get straight to the point here. Harsh and blunt is probably the only way I know how to be when speaking about this. It’s how I was with the others when we actually discussed this a little bit last week. It’s fairly simple and you’ve probably heard words like this before.

I believe the cure to cancer already exists. But why diagnose somebody with cancer and be able to cure it that day for a set price. When instead you can put them through phony, damaging treatments for more than three times the price. And for years. Cancer and the search for a ‘cure’ is a billion dollar industry and our governments are banks. They wouldn’t give up those dollars for a few lives. It won’t matter to them anyways.

It hurts me to say and type this. But, honestly, I have troubles looking at it any other way now. It’s a terrible, terrible truth in my mind. Let’s take a quick look. The North American governments are both currently high in debt from the countless dollars they spend on god knows what. Money is fad that is being pushed on everyone on this continent, to be anything, to have anything, to be anyone you have to be rich. Or famous, but that usually leads to the former. A disease that leaves families in agony, that billions have been put into to fix.
How is it we are able to discover planets, create death weapons, track through satellites, and so much more. Yet. that’s the word, yet, we can’t cure this disease. Maybe at first it didn’t exist when cancer first came around. I definitely think the cure exists now though.

Ridiculous to consider isn’t it? Or maybe you disagree. I’m not sure, although I am incredibly curious to hear what other people might think about this, it’s a discussion I’d be happy to have.

There begs the next question. What happens when small scientists, biologists and the like discover a cure. They find a way to help, to make it better. How quickly I wonder does that type of thing get shut down. Or how often do remedies appear on social media for this?
I wouldn’t know. It seems my media feed is usually filled with the next celebrity scandal, or a remedy for wrinkles, or stories of ISIS. Makes me wonder. How much am I really missing in my own country? These conspiracies never end, it’s intriguing, but at the same time it isn’t specifically a good thing.

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