Writing: Silence Vs Music

oppositesNow this is something that every writer, any blogger, or really anyone who sits down and does any kind of work understands/knows about. Sometimes there is an eternal argument about which ways of working are better. Well, I’m going to tell you mine and explain the reasons behind it, and why I don’t use the other tactic. Hint: I happen to use what works for me, so I do it ^_^

For me, music is all the way, always what I use. Constantly in my life I have music by my side, like my previous posts, I have my headphones in right now. I actually started out trying to write today without them. I lasted one sentence. So obviously my opinion on this is incredibly clear.

I use music for so many things, it just depends on what I’m working on, because it doesn’t just have to be writing. Cleaning out my room the other day I had music blaring from my speakers. In that situation, it’s all upbeat and sing-a-longs that keep me bouncing around when I’m cleaning. Other times for writing it’s a means of focusing. For example, I’m in my living room with the TV on since my brother is watching it and I’m only focused on the screen and the sound from my headphones. With music I don’t need a private workspace, I can sit on the couch, enjoy the sun and stay focused all the same. Otherwise for me, I need what those who prefer silence need. A private space in complete silence without being disturbed.

My house is a busy place. That doesn’t exist. Tony-Stark-Shakes-Head-Iron-Man

Not to mention, it’s a great way for me to relax and makes the zoning out process I tend to use a lot easier to get into. And yes, zoning out is exactly what I do. It probably irritates my family if they want my attention.

The best part above all with having music when writing my stories, is definitely the inspiration. On my playlist I have songs for the angst scenes, action scenes, serious, full of feels, frustration you name it. I will have some kind of song that helps me get into that mood and pull out better scenes from it. Maybe I should make a post with some of those playlists…hmm not a bad idea. -strokes chin thoughtfully- Anyways, it’s amazing what those different songs can do for me. I know personally when it comes to writing, I need to put myself into a mood for different kinds of scenes and music is my best option possible.

Meanwhile, I find whenever I work in silence, I kind of sit there for awhile. Write some words, stop, get annoyed, write more, erase. And it goes on. Of course I still have moments of pause with music, but instead I use that pause to listen to the lyrics and find myself typing once again in no time. For me the latter always ends a lot more productively which is why it obviously makes more sense in my situation. Others are different of course. But this is me. To put it simply, music is my life. It’s how I work, how I relax, for me it’s everything when I need it, whether I’m in a good mood or a sad one. It’s a pocket of safety for me I suppose, so I don’t mind having it.

I think that’s all I have for this rant today, hope you enjoyed what I had to say, or maybe you didn’t, who knows.

Until next time,



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