Writer’s Fashion

frabz-writer-what-my-friends-think-i-do-what-my-mom-thinks-i-do-what-s-24d512.jpg (700×516)

What’s your favourite writer style? Dressing to the nines? Or PJs all day? 

I love that meme…it’s so true in so many ways. Now, getting to my intro, I was looking through blog post ideas and those were the questions given for one idea. I thought it would be a funny thing to try and write. Thought maybe you guys might read what I have to say.

First of all I’m going to admit. Since I’m both a procrastinator and night owl, my writing tends to happen more in the later hours…like right now for example…besides the point. Thanks to this, my fashion for writing is almost always what I think is comfiest at the time. For example, right now I’m in my PJs. Or today (because I’ve taken a few days to write this post, oops), I’m in my normal comfy clothes of jean shorts and a random shirt.


I will admit though, for me, it is always usually comfy clothes of some sort. In the winter, I guarantee, after school, I’ll jump into some sweatpants and a sweater and boom, I’ll be writing like that while sitting on my bed. I have a desk, I swear. It seems I never actually use it though. Weird, sorry, realization right there.

For me, it’s something about the distractions I work to avoid most of the time. Things like having an itch on my nose, right now, or a bug buzzing around me drive me nuts when I’m trying to focus. When it comes down to it clothes become a part of that too, frustrating, but I have to work with it.  You have no idea how annoyed I get at those little things in the middle of writing or working on anything really. Seconds away from snapping, every time. Eye twitch

This usually means I’ll almost always have a comfy sports bra on. Sweat pants or running shorts. Those clothes that don’t constantly remind you that they’re there in the most annoying ways. It drives me off. The. Wall. SO yeah no dressing to the nines, I can barely do that for important occasions. Joe-Biden-Laughing-Shaking-his-Head

Plus, I am very lazy. It’s part of why I’m also a procrastinator. I set up this post nearly two weeks ago and haven’t touched it since. I’m getting into the mood now so that’s the only reason I touched it. Oh well. If I’m comfy, it works even better.

That is all for now, until next time,



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