How It Began: Anime

otaku_motivational_by_animeotaku45-d4ytzysI don’t really know how it started but by the time I started watching my first anime, Death Note, I began talking about it to Roxanne. She’s an artist and loved showing me pictures from different anime she’d watched. When I recognized one of them from Death Note, I was screwed. And decided to look up what was on the picture out of curiosity, I’d seen it a few times, found it through related images and started watching it.

By accident, because I didn’t know too much yet, I ended up switching back and forth from dubbed and subbed…yeah. Wasn’t my best moment. Yeah, Shayla and Roxanne quickly set me straight. I had so much trouble figuring out characters, since they’re voices were constantly changing. -insert sweat drop here- -hangs head in shame-


Either way Roxanne found out I was watching it, was already a major otaku and told Shayla. That is where I was screwed. They had me in their clutches they weren’t letting go. I remember it came up by accident too. Before you know it I finished Death Note (after sitting on my couch in a wordless daze, kinda sputtering figuring out what had just happened. My sister probably got worried about me ’cause I was just sitting there…), I was turned towards Soul Eater and, it began.

I also quickly learned, anime and schoolwork do not mix. I was stuck between deciding to continue watching the final parts of Fullmetal, studying for a probably important test. Or y’know, sleeping. So I chose sleep.


I’m not sure why I started liking it anymore. I kind of lost it, the uniqueness definitely helped, but in Death Note it was the twist and turns. Really though, it might have been the way all of them had some kind of deeper meaning and it was never just mindless watching. And then there’s always Roxanne and Shayla, yeah.

Random blurp, I just nearly fell out of my chair and Shayla caught me by my foot…And I said sorry. Now I kicked Shayla for typing that in.

Sorry. My final thoughts on anime and being an Otaku:obsession gift

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3 thoughts on “How It Began: Anime

  1. Yes, anime is madness. But just like what the Cheshire Cat told Alice in Wonderland: “We’re all mad here.”

    Anime can really screw your life over, if you don’t know how to incorporate it on your own life. But if you know how to balance it with everything else in your life, it’s one of the most fulfilling and blissful things that adds an oomph to your otherwise dull life. Anyway, I hope that despite your experiences with anime, you continue watching it. Cheers!


    • Haha very true! In the few months that I have been watching anime, I have learned many things about anime, and I think I may have found a good balance between anime and other things. 😏 At this point, there is no turning back! Even if I wanted to stop watching it, I don’t think Roxanne or Shayla would let me! Buuut I enjoy watching it too much to quit anyways! ~Emily

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      • That’s great to hear. It would be a very sad thing to stop watching anime just because you end up using it to procrastinate on the things that you need to do in your personal life. Anyway, keep on watching anime. Cheers!

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