Movie Review: Minions (2015)

MV5BMTg2MTMyMzU0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTU3ODk4NTE@._V1_SX214_AL_Minions (2015)

Sandra Bullock – Scarlet Overkill (voice)
Jon Hamm – Herb Overkill (voice)
Jennifer Saunders – The Queen (voice)
Geoffrey Rush – Narrator (voice)
Pierre Coffin – The Minions (voice)
Steve Carell – Young Gru (voice)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Release Date: July 10 2015

three starhalf star

I finally got to watch this movie!! I love Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 and when I heard that there would be a Minion movie I was ecstatic. I love the Minions and them having their own movie was something I had to see.

First, I want to address the half-star above. I usually don’t give half stars, unless it’s necessary. I really don’t like giving half stars either because that means I was on the fence about some things. This movie is an exception to my “no half-star” rule. I will explain why.

The beginning of the movie was slow-paced. The narrator was really the one that kept me interested. His voice was low and very radio-like; the producers couldn’t have chosen a better narrator than Geoffrey Rush! It wasn’t until the mid-end where things got exciting and fun. But I do have to say, the introduction was really cool. It showed how Minions were created and it was all drawn out with doodles and cartoons. It was adorable!

Back to my attention level of the movie. The whole movie had enough of my interest to kept me from falling asleep. This got me thinking that teenagers probably weren’t the target of this movie so I’m going to give them some slack on the whole “keep the audience interested” part that I’m trying to explain. That’s one reason for the half star ’cause I wished it appealed to me more than it did. Minions was enjoyable but I wanted more

In the beginning, the Minions were just a secondary character; they were just Gru’s henchmen. Creating a movie solely based on them meant the Minions needed a backstory. I have to give creative points to the writers for coming up with the purpose of the creation of Minions: to serve The Boss.

Generally, The Boss is the most evilest, most baddest villain alive, and the Minions have to go find The Boss. Now, each time the Minions found a villain, he kinda died…at the hands of the Minions…BUT, it was all accidental as the Minions are kinda stupid and clumsy. So, ladies and gentleman, here is the main conflict and goal of the movie.

The Minions had to go find the right Boss because if it wasn’t the right boss that villain would somehow be cursed of misfortune. (Usually death)

This demonstration took about a quarter (half?) of the movie. Just showing boss after boss dying because of some foolishness the Minions were doing. I mean, it was hilarious watching each boss die but I was sitting in the movie theatre thinking, Is this it? Is this all the movie is gonna show? I wanted more, I wanted action, I wanted a plot.

And I did get one. A mini one. The second arc of the movie followed Bob, Stuart and Kevin serving a villain named Scarlet Overkill, the first renowned female villain. The three would find The Boss then send the other Minions to meet them when they did. Long story short, stuff happened, there was some funny scenes, but it was kinda all pointless. (So specific, guys, I’m so considerate 😛 ) I felt the whole conflict with Scarlet Overkill was just thrown in there because the writers and producers needed more. When Bob, Stuart and Kevin become Scarlet’s henchmen, Scarlet wants them to steal Queen Victoria’s crown. The threesome try to steal it and in a weird twist, Bob steals England from Queen Victoria. (I know.) There’s more but I spoiled some of the movie so I’m shutting up now.

This is when I start contradicting myself and why I gave the damn half-star!! Regardless of this non-plot, in some twisted way, it worked! I was interested and it was really funny watching the Minions mess up and be the target of revenge! It was amusing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but it was only in that moment!

Again, this goes back to the fact that children was the target audience not teenagers. I’m pretty kids wouldn’t realize that the plot was practically non-existent.

The highlight of the movie was at the end when Young Gru comes in, uses a freeze ray and steals the crown from Scarlet Overkill. That was so out of the blue and it utterly took me off guard. I was not expecting that! Young Gru was amazing!! His accent and just him being young and tiny. *heart eyes* It was just so cute and adorable!! (I used two words that are synonyms of each other… 😕 )

I would recommend this movie just so people can see the last scene!! You know I will!

Watch Minions for this very scene, you will laugh and it will totally be worth it!!

Overall, Minions is a great movie to watch with family, regardless of age. It’s kid-friendly and I think teens and adults would enjoy this. The best movie? No… but it’s still goodSomething I didn’t quite emphasize was the humor! It was funny and watching this movie you will laugh and the Minions are made to make us laugh, thus goal accomplished.

Hope you liked this review!




2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Minions (2015)

  1. Good to hear that it was watch-able but I got the impression it was aimed more at just the kids than the Despicable Me films, though I do find the scene in the trailer when their all voluntarily lining up to jump through the noose hilarious! Just made a post of my own about the yellow guys if your interested. Good review and will probably check it out when it leaves the cinema 🙂


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