Movie Review: Carrie (2013)

CarrieCarrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), is a social outcast at her high school and is always the one who is made fun of by the bullies. Her mother (Julianne Moore) does not help matters as she is a religious zealot who does not seem to understand her daughter. On the night of her senior prom, after an especially cruel prank, Carrie is pushed over the edge and unleashes her hidden telekinetic powers on all those who have wronged her.

Director: Kimberly Pierce

Stars: Chloë Grace MoretzJulianne MooreGabriella Wilde

Genre: Horror

one star

Now I know that most horror movies tend to have the same clichés: going into the basement at night, not turning on the lights, splitting up, ignoring the fact that the house is haunted… etc, etc. It annoys most of us and generally ruins what could have been a good horror movie. Now I did not see any of these clichés in the movie Carrie. In fact I would have been happy to see them if it made the movie any better because it was one of the worst horror movies I have ever watched. And I have watched many.

The plot, unlike many horror movies, is not actually that predictable because it was not cliché. There were no haunted houses, no demons possessing anyone and no psychopaths with chainsaws running around like we’re used to. At first, I thought this might make the movie more interesting but unfortunately it resulted in it being horrendously boring. There was the typical bullying at school, problems at home and the poor girl finding out she has powers. Now this kind of story sounds nice for some kind of soap opera but not for a horror movie. There were no jump scares, no sinister scenes at night time or moments of pure silence when we wait anxiously for something to happen. The entire storyline was a bore and way off the genre of horror until, what, maybe the last 20 mins or so of the film. My idea of it being a good movie was completely crushed by the time the first 10 mins had passed.

The characters were annoying to say the least. Carrie, as awkward and shy as she was, was difficult to like due to her incapability to do anything about her situation, her mom was just crazy and unpleasant (not to mention masochistic) and the girls at the school were the type you’d see in something like Mean Girls. Let’s just say, with characters like that, it’d be pretty hard to get a good movie.

The effects was probably the only upside to this movie. It wasn’t overly crappy, the blood wasn’t bright cherry red and for the most part, Carrie’s telekinetic powers looked pretty cool.

For the ending well… Let’s just put it this way

well that escalated quickly

Yep. It was as if the director suddenly realized this was supposed to be a horror movie and quickly threw in everything that they could to make it scary. That tactic failed, and pretty terribly too.

So in the end, Carrie was a terrible horror movie. Now, had it been a romance, I may have actually liked it. I cooed many times at the cute (even a little funny) scenes of Carrie at prom but really, I shouldn’t be doing that if I’m watching a horror movie. I wanted something scary and I ended up rolling my eyes for most of it. I recommend this to no one. Please let me know if another similar movie is coming out so I can avoid making the mistake of watching something so bad again.

Don’t waste 1h 40min of your life. I’m rating this one star even though it deserves nothing.



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