Anime Review: Romeo x Juliet

Romeo x Juliet
In the floating continent of Neo Verona, the Montague family takes control by killing everyone of the Capulet family, excluding a young girl named Juliet. 14 years later, Juliet does not remember her past and cross-dresses as a boy to do justice in the town under the name of “Red Whirlwind”. However, one day as she is trying to escape, she is saved by none other than Montague’s son, Romeo. As fate would have it these two would soon become “star-crossed lovers”, in the midst of a war between the two families. Can love truly conquer all?

Episodes: 24
Duration:  24 min. per episode
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance

four star

The first thing I want to mention is that this anime is only very loosely based on Shakespeare’s play of Romeo and Juliet. I have read the play and the anime is seriously nothing like it. If anyone was expecting a similar story, just made with the anime style then they will be disappointed.

The story is original and exciting. The beginning really got me into it and the way the story unfolded kept me on my toes for the majority of the time I was watching. The plot moved at a decent pace, enough to keep me into it even when things winded down a bit more. While I enjoy action and adventure a great deal more than romance, the plot twists and occasional action scenes really kept me interested. The war between the families and the relationship between the two lovers wasn’t as exceedingly complex as I dreaded it to be, much to my relief. However, I sometimes found myself getting a little bit bored at times when it felt like nothing was really happening.  However, I did often found myself squealing and fangirling more often than I thought, considering the many cute and sometimes unpredictable scenes that popped up throughout the episodes.

Everyone knows the typical Romeo and Juliet characters and their forbidden love that got most of us falling asleep rather than rooting for them. However, from the way I see it, the only thing the anime took from the original characters was their name. Juliet was far from a helpless damsel-in-distress and Romeo was nothing like the charming pretty-boy he appeared to be when he first made his appearance, although his personality did bug me a little at times. In the end, both had their own attitudes and personalities that made them engaging, likeable and extremely cute together, but not in the really boring and cliché way. Apart from that, the supporting characters’ personalities were also quite appealing, even for the characters I didn’t like as much (such as Montague).

Now, my favourite part of Romeo x Juliet was without doubt the art. The amount of detail put into it, especially for the background scenes, was unbelievable. The characters were attractive and unique, and the scenes, like the town for example, were simply beautiful. I rarely saw an anime with art like that, and even the few action scenes were never standard, they were original and exciting.

Once I got into the anime, the opening theme nearly got me in tears because it gave me so many feels. The song was beautiful and fit the anime perfectly, and the scenes in it really got to me. The ending theme’s song seemed a bit of an abrupt change in contrast to the slow, emotional music of the opening and I didn’t like it very much.

Ultimately, Romeo x Juliet is a really cute anime, with a very interesting story that made the well-known play by Shakespeare into a very enjoyable anime with a much better plot line than I could have expected. Even if sometimes I was a little bit bored or disappointed at the lack of action in the anime, I still found that I very much liked watching it and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good romance anime or would want to see a very original adaptation of Shakespeare’s play.

Till next time my Otaku friends!



One thought on “Anime Review: Romeo x Juliet

  1. This is one of my favorite anime actually. Romeo & Juliet isn’t my favorite Shakespeare play, but I enjoyed this loosely based adaptation.


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