DIY ~ Homemade button pins

I have this box. I call it the box of everything, or the box of inspiration. Honestly it’s nothing special. It’s just a small container from IKEA that I throw some of my crafty supplies in, as well as anything else that I think could one day be revamped.


Last night , I took a quick glance through the box and found some extra pins that I had gotten a while back. Having an ingenious idea (who else gets seriously creative at 8 at night), I decided to bust out my nail polish and create some simply adorable buttons!


I guess the first step to this DIY is gathering your supplies.

What you’ll need

  1. Pins of any size
  2. Nail Polish
  3. A clear nail polish, Mod Podge may also work (optional)
  4. A sharpie or any accessory to put on your pin.

Step one is finding inspiration from magazines, books, or, my favorite, Pinterest.

This is my inspiration

This is going to my inspiration

Now chose a colour of polish that works with your design and apply the first layer to your pin. After this is dry, apply more coats up until the background is completely opaque.


Once you’ve got the polish down, it’s time to take your marker and draw your design. I definitely recommend practicing this design before you put it on the button!WP_20150720_033

Tip! Something that I've done before is add a paper imprint on my button for more of a book nerd look. Check out how to do this here

Finally, after perfecting the design, and letting it dry for a few moments, you can decide whether or not you want to add a top coat.

There you have it; adorable buttons to add to your bags, scarves, or any other place that needs personalizing!WP_20150720_047

Hope you liked it!

Love you lots,



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