Super Easy Caramel

11759005_808587695921279_758323586_nThe other day I was talking with my mommy, and she told me that she found this really simple recipe for caramel. She told me that all I needed was a can of sweetened condensed milk, and that I needed to simmer it for 3 hours. It sounded so simple that I couldn’t help but be excited to make this caramel. Honestly, I would have made it sooner, however, I have horrible timing. I never really thought about how long it took to cook, so I would ask my mommy if I could start the caramel at 8 o’clock or later… of course she wouldn’t let me because it wouldn’t be finished until at least 11. However today was different. I decided to start it at 1 o’clock, allowing plenty of time for it to cook. 

You will need:11758790_808587782587937_428032255_n

  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • A large pot filled with water

That’s all. Simple… right?


1. Take the wrapper off of the can.


2. Place the can into the pot of water, and turn the burn on high to boil the water. Make sure that the can is completely submerged for the whole time, add water as needed. Note: the picture shows the can upright, however I decided to turn the can onto its side (I forgot to take a picture of this sorry!)


3. After the water reaches a roiling boil, turn the heat down to the lowest setting, and let it simmer for the next three hours.


4. Remove pot from burner and let cool. I would tell you how long mine took to cool down, buuuuuuut I didn’t check the time when I removed the pot from the heat, and I may have opened the can before it was completely cooled (sorry)


5. Open the can and enjoy your caramel ! I suggest that you serve it with some fresh fruit slices because it is more of a sauce than actual chewy caramel.


Final Thoughts

Everyone in my family (my mommy and my sister) loved it! However I have to admit that I wan’t crazy about this recipe, but I think that may be because I was kinda hoping that the end product would have been a chewy caramel rather than a gooey caramel sauce. I also think it would have been better if I had fresh apple slices to eat it with, but I couldn’t find any apples, so I didn’t eat it with any fruit… oops. So I guess next time I will have to make sure that I actually have apples to cut up and serve it with.

Good luck, and have fun baking!

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4 thoughts on “Super Easy Caramel

  1. Thanks! I’m glad that you enjoyed the post! I looked at your blog and so far it looks pretty good. The only thing that I have to say is that you should try adding ‘read more’ links after a few lines of each post. This is a recommendation, so you don’t have to do it, but I think that using them would clean up your homepage and give your blog a more organized feel. Good luck with your blog! ~Emily


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