The Reading Surge

Calling all readers!

Have you ever read so many books in a week that when you look back you’re amazed on how much reading you got done? That during that time you barely slept, barely ate, and only occupied yourself with nothing but BOOKS? It’s like an eternal cycle of Read, Eat, Sleep, Read, Repeat. Once you’ve finished a book, you immediately start another, then suddenly the book has come to an end and next thing you know, you have another book to read!

Recently, I’ve been in this reading phase where I read book after book after book. I haven’t been sleeping and all my free time goes to reading. It’s like a never-ending energy of reading. And these books I’ve read, they’ve all been amazing books!

We have book hangovers, book sniffing, and book nerd problems, so I was wondering if there was a term for this “condition” and to my surprise, there was nothing that was really trending. (I also may have done a horrible researching job. For all I know, this is a thing)

I know with no doubt that many of you book addicts out there have been through this phase, so I took it upon myself to coin a word that represents exactly what I described above.

Drum roll please….





Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Surge.

Now, spread it around and probably never use this word ever again!

I was working on this post and it was going to turn into something but then it didn’t and I was going to delete it but just for kicks and giggles, I decided to just post it.

I find this really relatable (probably because I wrote it…) and I hope anyone who reads this and is a book addict like me, can relate to it too!

Let me know if the comments if any of you have experienced this before!

Keep calm and read on!


P.S I really don’t know why I posted this…


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