Movie Review: Step Up Revolution (2012)

MV5BMjg1NjgyOTM2OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDIxMDE2Nw@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_ Step Up Revolution (2012)

Kathryn McCormick – Emily Anderson
Ryan Guzman – Sean Asa
Mishna Gabriel – Eddy
Stephen “tWitch” Boss – Jason
Cleopatra Coleman – Penelope

Length: 99mins
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

five star

Five “Mob” Stars


Step Up Revolution is the fourth film of a film series in which all the characters are dancers and all the story lines have a theme of dance. None of the movies relate to each other but connect somehow. I watched Step Up Revolution without watching the previous movies and I understood everything, so you don’t need to watch the Step Up films in consecutive order.

The movie surrounds a dance crew called “the Mob” who perform unexpected flash mobs around Miami. The identity of the Mob is unknown to the world and they are trying to win a contest to see who hits 10 million views. Sean, the leader of this crew meets Emily, who dreams to be a professional dancer. He agrees to help her when she strikes a deal with her rich father that if she auditions for Winwood, a prestigious dance academy, and gets in, he will finally support her. In return, when a businessman, who happens to be Emily’s father, plans to tear down Sean’s neighbourhood, Emily, Sean, and the Mob join forces to create flash mobs to protest against her father’s plans.

The dancing was freaking brilliant and the flash mobs were extremely creative! The artwork integrated in the dance was amazing as well! I really like the flash mobs at the art museum and the one at a restaurant. I was entertained and I got sucked into the music and the dancing, especially when Emily and Sean did their duet at the end of the movie. That duet is gorgeous. *heart eyes* Some dances were choreographed by Travis Wall and Jamal Sims, who I recognized from So You Think You Can Dance.

The dancing and the story were great, but what made this movie really incredible was its cast. Kathryn McCormick is a stunning dancer and her chemistry with Ryan Guzman was incredible. To see Stephen “tWitch” Boss dance was also a treat. (You should know him from So You Think You Can Dance. Kathryn was also on that show) All the other dancers weren’t just okay, they were amazing. The dancing was flawless and every single dancer that appeared in that movie is incredible at what they do. This movie isn’t a rip-off of dancing. It was a legit representation of dance, with legit dancers.

To all those dancers out there, Step Up Revolution will NOT disappoint. You will get amazing dance numbers and an intriguing plot line. I recommend this movie to not only dancers but anyone who wants a good movie with drama and romance.

Guys, I really love this movie!!!!!! I’ve been re-watching the routines over and over again! I can’t get enough! The one thing I forgot to mention was the music in Step Up Revolution. The music was of variety and I have new songs downloaded to my IPod. 😀

I probably won’t watch the other movies because Step Up Revolution was that good and I don’t think the other ones will compete with this one.

Keep on dancing!



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