TV Review: Teen Wolf – S1E2


*sigh* I guess all hope is not lost for this show. There was still definitely some moments where I wanted to throw my laptop across the room because it was that bad, BUT Episode 2 wasn’t as bad as Episode 1. Will I watch TW out of curiousity, yea. Out of love and affection? NOPE. Unless the show gets better and continues to get better from now on, there may be hope that I will like Teen Wolf.

First things first, again love Stiles. He will be is the reason why I am reluctantly watching this show. His sarcasm. His jokes. His freaking sass! I LOVE IT! There was definitely some laugh-out-loud moments while watching this episode! It’s refreshing to have a male character, (other than Damon Salvatore of course!) that is sassy. Most times, male characters are plain boring. Not Stiles!

The plot is kind of stupid. Yes, there is a primary plot line where I’m guessing it’s figuring out the life of a werewolf, and all its glory. Whereas the secondary plot for episode two was more, “Don’t let Scott play lacrosse! He might kill someone!”, “Scott needs to quit first line ’cause someone’s going to find out he’s a werewolf!”,”Scott can’t play lacrosse anymore!”


Geez, it was kind of bland. In addition, Scott still bugs the crap out of me. Don’t know why, this is probably a controversy but I don’t like Scott! I find him annoying and at this moment in the show, he is so hell bent on not figuring out how to deal with being a freaking werewolf! Come on! Ask freaking Derek for help!! Suck it up!

Note: Derek is this werewolf who Scott and Stiles were suspicious of. They thought Derek killed the girl in the woods, with the missing top half of her body.

Spoiler: It’s actually his sister, Laura Hale.

Another Spoiler: Derek is hot as hell. Might be watching because of him too.

I did find out more about the body, which is kind of what started this whole werewolf adventure-quest-thing.

Laura: I’m dead and I’m causing havoc! And it’s only half of me!
Everyone on Earth: Half of Laura! Half of Laura! Poof! New Werewolf! Poof! Werewolf Hunters! AH! Oh no! Your brother seems to have killed you! Oops. No he didn’t! Half of Laura! Half of Laura!

I don’t know what just happened up there^^…

*takes a deep breath* So, not only does Scott not ask for Derek’s help, he is so caught up in his…relationship(?) with Allison that he won’t freaking stop playing lacrosse so he can still have the girl. Yes, I get it now. I don’t like Insecure Scott. Does Scott not realize that he is a werewolf now and he needs to learn how control his strength and other abilities?? Does he not get that it’s freaking DANGEROUS?

Furthermore, every time Scott got irrationally angry that pissed me off too. Sadly, this complaint doesn’t count because this really showed the stereotypical idea that werewolves are angry people. So, Scott: 1, Me: 100. Even when I don’t like the stereotypicalness (I know it’s not word! Roll with it.) of this show.

I have mixed feelings about Allison, the girl who Scott likes. She seems kinda naive at times and kinda oblivious. Well, all the characters are oblivious right now. (Who doesn’t notice the glowing werewolf eyes and not question anything?) She is absolutely gorgeous though! I just hope she isn’t just a pretty face.

I’m going to bring it back to the obliviousness of the characters. This part of the show makes it unrealistic. That doesn’t make sense because werewolves are not real either, but what I mean is that the reactions and the story seem forced. It’s probably really hard to imagine what it would be like if werewolves did exist, but I didn’t believe in some of the character’s reactions. Is it bad acting? I don’t know. All I know is that, so far, this show seems phony.

In total, regardless of all my complaints, TW did grasp my interest. I’m one who is always curious and once I’m curious I want to know everything. Ergo, I will be continuing to watch Teen Wolf, slowly but surely. I will not be posting a review on each episode because that will get tedious but I will be updating you regularly on my progress and thoughts!

Thanks for reading and welcome to my TW ride!



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