TV Review: Teen Wolf – S1E1


This will be a very different review from Emilie’s Teen Wolf Review.

Emilie and Emily are huge fans of Teen Wolf and have begged me to start watching this show. (I’m a Grey’s Anatomy fan ❤ ) So, yesterday I decided to watch my first Teen Wolf episode.

(From now on, I will be referring to Teen Wolf as TW ’cause I’m lazy like that.)

I have good things and bad things to say about this show.

First, the positive things. Stiles is a character full of sass and sarcasm. I LOVE HIM ALREADY. He made me laugh, he made some incredible sarcastic comebacks/jokes, he made watching TW amusing. It was great! Emilie said from the beginning that I would love Stiles and it’s true. I do.

I think that’s the only positive thing I can say… (I’m so sorry, Emilie and Emily!!) Maybe because I had some high expectations because of these two (mostly Emilie) fawning over this show but I didn’t immediately feel attached to it.

I have to admit as I was watching TW, I texted updates to them and I was praising and claiming on how TW may be my new obsession.

Let me explain something to you.

Sometime at the end of January, I started getting OBSESSED with Grey’s Anatomy. Like I couldn’t stop talking about it. The others can attest to this. It was… IS an obsession, and I haven’t found any other tv show that can bring me out of this obsession! Yes, I have other shows I love but did I go through each season within a week or less? No.

It’s like a writer’s block, I can’t get through.

With that information in mind, I genuinely thought TW was going to break this block. But ‘alas, it didn’t. These are the reasons why:

First, THIS IS SO STEREOTYPICAL AND SOOOO CLICHÉ!! ERRGGH!! I mean seriously? How many times have I seen the story where some kind of paranormal creature falls in love with the daughter (or son) of the people who hunt their kind!? TOO FREAKING MANY. At the end of the episode when Scott realizes that the man who tried to kill him the night before is Allison’s dad. And whaddya know? Scott really likes Allison.



It also doesn’t help that I really don’t like Scott. He’s not even that attractive either. He was so stupid and so attached to the freaking girl!! Why didn’t he question why he could suddenly do the things he could do?? Shouldn’t he be scared or curious? Yea, he was for a little while, and werewolves technically don’t exist, but Scott couldn’t play lacrosse for the life of him, but now he’s suddenly a star? Come on! In my opinion, I think he loved how his new abilities was helping him get the girl.

Another thing was, by the end of the episode, it just reminded me of Twilight. (Emilie, you must be very insulted. I would be too) I’m not going to elaborate on that connection cause I think it speaks for itself.

Last thing I didn’t like was there was nothing unique about the take on werewolves!

Note: I have also watched The Vampire Diaries (TVD) and if you don’t know, werewolves get a little screen time. TVD did a spin on werewolves that was very unique and it just reeled me in.

I love when a show or book takes a story or a concept like fairy tales and turns it into something new and fresh. Once Upon a Time, is my go-to tv show for taking a stories and turning them into something different. Look at all the fairy tales they put a spin to!! Also, TVD took vampires to a whole new level and that was what made me continue the show.

TW did not do this what-so-ever. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. That disappointed me so much!! Maybe it’s the first episode and all, but for me, the first episode is everything! Especially if four seasons have already aired and someone wants to start watching it when Season Five is just starting.

*sigh* I want to like this show. I do. I love paranormal stuff.

So, despite this rather negative review, I’m going to give Teen Wolf another chance.

Let’s see where this takes me. I’m off to watch Episode 2!



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