Make A List Of Alphabetical Advice

listPersonal Challenge I’m probably going to regret trying to do this because it will be a lot of work, but let’s see how she goes. Wish me good luck, some of them might be really terrible and/or taken off of Google. Can’t go without that back-up 😛 When they are though, I’ll make a note with them.

  • Advice depends on who is giving it.
  • Become who you want to be, not anyone else’s idea of who you should be.
  • Consider all of your options.
  • Don’t judge too quickly.
  • Effort is key.
  • Forgiving is important to your own well-being too.
  • Giving back is good in more ways than one.
  • Hope will live forever.
  • Illness can touch anyone
  • Jokes keep smiles alive
  • Kangaroos are adorable, but I won’t mess with their babies.
  • Love as much as you can and then you will live.
  • Mothers are an amazing gift for the child too.
  • Never give up.
  • Open up your heart.
  • Pictures capture more than memories.
  • Questions are how you learn.
  • Responsibility needs to be taken.
  • Selfishness is a waste of time.
  • Time-outs in life aren’t always a bad idea.
  • Unleash yourself upon the world with fervor. 
  • Victory never comes easily.
  • Wishes don’t do much.
  • eXamen your values in life. {Okay so I cheated a little bit, but Google wasn’t much help}
  • Yolo is overrated, live for in the moment instead.
  • Zealousness needs to be used more.

Okay, so that worked out a lot better than I thought. It was pretty fun, plus I only used the internet’s help for X which I think is pretty reasonable. Anyways, hope you like the advice and maybe try and take the challenge yourself. Looks like I’m going to begin weekly writing challenges, maybe just for the summer I’m not sure, we’ll have to see.


Until next time,



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