Review: Teen Wolf

Caution: This review will contain major fangirling. Viewer’s sanity at risk.

It’s here.

Yes, season 5 of Teen Wolf. Another season that is guaranteed to be full of action, drama, and Stiles Stilinski.


I remember the first time I watched Teen Wolf. I must have been about ten. I didn’t even get five minutes into the show before I got too scared and turned it off. Actually, come to think of it that’s a horrible way to introduce you to my favorite show…

Teen Wolf

TeenWCreator: Jeff Davis

Cast: Scott: Tyler Posey      Stiles: Dylan O’Brien

Lydia: Holland Roden      Derek: Tyler Hoechlin

Malia: Shelley Hennig      Kira: Arden Cho



Teen Wolf is a show on MTV that follows the lives of a group of high school students with supernatural powers. The show begins the night that Scott gets bit by a wolf. Soon, with the help of Stiles, Scott discovers new found abilities that point to the conclusion that he’s become a werewolf. From then on, the world of supernatural beings seems to open up in Beacon Hills. Banshees, Shapeshifters, Thunder Kitsune, and Abdominal snowman (You’ll get this soon) all start to appear in every corner of the small town.

To describe a single set plot for this show is next to impossible, but I every episode is always thrilling!


Teen Wolf is an action packed show where there is never a dull moment. The show is also perfect for comedy lovers, with Stiles playing a huge part in that! He might as well be the king of sarcasm.

SnowmanNow you get it!!!

Romance is also far from lacking in the show, and the ships are perfect. Seriously, we’ve got Scott and Allison, Scott and Kira, Stiles and Lydia, Stiles and Derek, Danny and Ethan, and more, oh so many more.



Oh, and did I mention there are puns!?!


Yes, I know, I’ve just sealed the deal!

No, but really, Teen Wolf is a show that suits almost every audience with tons of character development in every episode.

Guys, if you enjoy The 100, Pretty Little Liars, or Supernatural, then I highly recommenced this!


Love ya lots,



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