Hard-cover vs Audio Books

Us book nerds are a very opinionated bunch. We either like a book, or we don’t, we ship a couple, or we don’t, we break down crying at the end of a book, or we can’t wait for it to be finished.

Today I’m here to explore with you one more controversy in our little cranny of the woods:

 hard-cover books vs audio books

I’ve been a hard-cover kind of girl since I was little, I mean we all know that book nerds get high off of sniffing those books. Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t tried it, that stuff is good. There is no better smell in the world than the smell of a fresh book!


Anyways, even though hard-cover books are by far the best, I’ve recently been giving audio books a try.

I know the horrors! “Audio books aren’t real books!” “keep those horrible things away from me!” “You don’t even deserve to be called a true book nerd!”

Keep your nerd panties on people, you haters are the whole reason I’m here. Yep, today I’ve decided that I’m going to inform you all on the truth about audio books coming from a very true book nerd herself! Hopefully by reading this post you can see the pros and cons of audio books and together we can get rid book stigma!

Gosh, that was cheesy.

When I first began this little journey, I decided that I wanted to slowly wean my way onto audio books, so the first book I decided to listen to was Hush Hush, one of my favorite books.

I have to say, my first impression on audio books was complete dislike for the reader. Let me tell you something: Sometimes it’s female, sometimes it’s male, all the time it’s not what you expected! This will definitely take some getting used to, but after a couple chapters you’ll barely notice the weirdness of the voice.

Once you can get past the voice of the reader, you’re off to a good start! It’s here where the fun begins. The reason? Because this is when you realize that you can now read ANYWHERE! That’s right, in the car, the kitchen, and even the shower. People, this is why I listen to audio books. While hard-cover books need time and patience, audio books are hands free and totally perfect for multitasking, especially with math! Well, not that I’ve tried that…

Another thing that I found useful was the fact that I never missed a word! I mean, I’m so bad at glancing through certain parts in books, but with audio books you can’t! Don’t fret about sitting through the boring parts though, I’ve recently found a magic little button that speeds up the reading, meaning I can get through more books everyday!

Of course, nothing is ever perfect, not even a book. Here are the ugly truths about audio books…

One of the problems that I have with these books is the fact that trying to read-read your favorite scene is not an easy task. Also, Molly, we’re calling the reader Molly, is going to keep reading whether you are emotionally stable or not.

Another problem I’ve encountered is the fact that I’m a visual learner. Because of this, I sometimes found that it was hard for me to piece clues together. Oh, and if they start spelling something, let me tell you, you’re screwed.

In the end, even though you’ll never get the same experience with a audio book, they definitely have their advantages! And remember, whether its on a kindle, a laptop, headphones, or a good old fashion book, reading is reading! So stop being bookist and start being more accepting of our fellow book nerds!

Anyway, we suffer from the same problems not matter how we receive the story!


Lots of love,



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