Check List To An Awesome Anime

There are a few things that usually stay similar about kickass shounen anime that make an otaku know exactly why they’re an otaku. These things are how you’re usually going to know that you have a sweet anime on your hands.


  • I don’t care which but when it comes to the opening either the video itself, the music or even better both, it’s going to draw in your attention and attach you to the anime.  FMAB

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening #1

  • The creators manage to blend together comedy, action and all the best bits together, they also deliver the feels, right in the gut, at just the right moment.

AB demotivatorYui – Emotional Scene (Spoiler)

  • I’ve yet to watch an anime that doesn’t teach you something valuable one way or another, whether it’s to never give up or that revenge can destroy someone.


  • Unless it’s long and there are a lot of fillers *cough cough-bleach* it stays interesting somehow, even fillers do sometimes. Stein Demotivator
  • Characters are still relatable. relatable
  • There is going to be one chick in the show that you want to die to your very core, note: she’ll probably be the one to survive. misa misa
  • Sometimes the experiences of characters will stay with you forever. BLEACH-1
  • The sincerity of the characters and amazing relationships formed, romantic or not, shipped or not. Wolf's rain
  • Roller coaster plots. This is pretty much enough said but I’ll still elaborate. The plots that carefully form together to fall right into place at all the right moments, but leave you in a whirlwind. deathnote
  • I already said this slightly but I have to put emphasis on it: THE FEELS – all Otaku know them. They will tear you up inside and you’ll be in shock for weeks and once you recover you will go looking for more. feels

Hope you guys enjoy, if there are any others I’d be happy to add them



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