Four Amazing Pita Bread Recipes

Though we called this blog meers2review, we definitely talked about how we would be doing more than just reviewing things. You, however were not there for that little conversation, so I really hope I’m not throwing you all off today by introducing the first post about that glorious little thing that keeps us all motivated everyday. That’s right, FOOD.

I am a food lover at heart and I’ve been baking since as long as I can remember. Since then, I’ve been constantly trying out new and exciting food combinations. Obviously some of these combinations have turned out really really bad (I learned pretty quickly that lemon and chocolate don’t go together; that was a sad batch of cupcakes) but others, like the ones I’m going to show you, have turned out really really good!

***More pictures to be added soon***

Recipe Number One!

Gather one apple, thinly sliced, half an avocado, mashed, chicken strips, and pita bread.


Cut the pita bread in half. Take the avocado and spread it on the inside of the bread. This will give an amazing creamy taste and texture.

Evenly add the apple and chicken slicesWP_20150625_008


Tip: For bit more jazz add some lemon juice to the avocado!

Recipe Number Two!

Gather two eggs, about a tbs of salsa, shredded cheese, any other veggies you want to add like pepper or onions, and of course, pita bread.

fry the two eggs in the pan and cook them like you would normally cook your eggs. Now add the ingredients into the pita however you want, it’s a pretty simple task.

Have you ever had a western omelet? That was my inspiration here!


Recipe Number Three!

Gather one can of salmon, a bit of mayo (I think this could be replaced for miracle whip?) and a handful of chopped celery, and well, once again, pita bread.

Mix all the ingredients together and put them in the pita bread.


Tip: For more deliciousness heat the pita up in the oven or microwave for a bit!

Recipe Number Four!

Gather shredded cheese, precooked Chicken, onions or/and peppers, salsa, and that-which-must-not-be-named.

Heat up a pan and cut the dark lord in half. Place the cheese, chicken, and veggies on half of you-know-what and add the other side on top.

Let the food cook until the cheese in melted. Have a bowl of salsa for dipping.

There you have it, a quesadilla!


Well there we go! The first recipes posted on this blog. Comment for any suggestions or umm, i guess dislike? Just don’t be too harsh guys ;D

Lots of love,



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