It’s me! Emily!

Hey guys!

I’m Emily! To be completely honest, have no clue how to write this introduction. I mean its pretty hard to try to describe myself in a few sentences. I had no clue where I should start, so I took Shayla’s advice and I looked things up on Google. According to the site that Shayla helped me find and a few others, it is important for me to include things like my favourite colour, favourite snack, hobbies etc. I’m not entirely sure why those things would be important, but I have nothing better to start with so here goes nothing.

I would probably have to say that my favourite colour is light blue. Don’t ask me why because I have no clue why! As for my favourite snack, I think I have to go with dry Shreddies. They are my go to snack whenever I’m hungry.

I absolutely  books, I prefer to read adventure and fantasy stories. This doesn’t mean that I won’t read other genres, in fact I am open to new suggestions for any time of book!

I also enjoy watching anime!

Another hobby on mine is one that I share with Emilie, we love to bake.  I’ve tried many different recipes, some of them turned out absolutely amazing, while others didn’t.

It isn’t much of an introduction, and I still don’t know what I will end up doing but hopfully I will figure hat out soon!

Until next time

Emily sig


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