Welcome Peoples, Meet Shayla

Hello everybody, this is Shayla, obviously. I’ll be honest here, introductions are definitely not my thing so I’m following my own advice to Emily and looking for some stuff on Google on what to write for this. First things first though before Google comes into play; I’m a sixteen year old going into eleventh grade after summer, I have an ongoing and surreal love for writing and reading stories and am a strange person with an even stranger mind.

My favourite colour is red because-uh-I have no clue. The colour speaks to me. Okay not really, but sure, that’s why.

I am a messily organized person. To others everything is a disaster to me it’s…what’s the word, oh, controlled chaos. Works for me.

Also, I’m a huge procrastinator and you’ll probably all figure that out with my posts, or maybe not, depends how much my friends pester me most likely.

I need to have music with me 24/7, seriously I would spontaneously combust, it’s my go-to safety in awkward situations; put headphones in. In fact I have music on right now.

My favourite snack food is probably cereal, literally, just in a small container without milk and I sit in my room snacking on it while I’m doing whatever.

My zodiac sign is Aries, “honestly I need to question why does this site I found think it’s important to put my zodiac? I still put it though…”

The last time I went out: was to go on my hammock with Roxanne and eat a fudgesicle…

That’s it I guess. On this site I plan to do various things, hopefully. I’ll be reviewing books and anime, maybe doing reviews of ships with Roxy and maybe I’ll post a few of my own fanfiction along with fanfic recommendations. That’s all I’ve got for now.

Until next time,



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