Introducing Emilie!

Hello everyone,

Emilie here! So I guess this is the part where I introduce myself? The first thing you should know about me is that I hate introductions. I mean to define myself in a couple of sentences seems impossible. Anyway, let’s give this a try! Here are my interests in three main categories…

Books are the first category, cause they always come first! I am an avid reader who is currently in multiple book relationships. Though, I have to say that they all surround my favorite genre, action romance. With that in mind, Hush Hush and Lux has to be my favorite series. I mean Patch and Daemon? Swoon!

Next we have my creativity category. I am a bubbly girl who loves to make DIYs (I’m actually making homemade cards tonight). I’m into photography and I love baking… something I have in common with Emily.

The last category has to be lifestyle. I absolutely love planning things and I can’t wait to share some tips and tricks with you!

Guys I hope I can express all these things through my little section of the blog! I hope you can get to know me and that I can get to know you.

Till next time,



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